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The Rain And My New Born Baby Daughter - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

The rain was uninhibitedly untamed; and so was my new born baby
kicking left; right and center; in her diminutively blessed cradle,
The rain was Omnipotently pristine; and so was my new born baby
mischievously tossing in unadulterated joy on the tufts of majestic
grass galore,
The rain was magically mitigating; and so was my new born baby
miraculously ameliorating me of my most horrific despair; with her
innocuously fluttering eyelashes,
The rain was eternally liberating; and so was my new born baby
naughtily smiling amidst her spectrum of teddy bears; as if there was
even the most infinitesimal trace of tension on this fathomless
The rain was perennially fructifying; and so was my new born baby
perpetually proliferating into unparalleled festoons of happiness;
unfurling minute of inscrutable existence,
The rain was unbelievably colorful; and so was my new born baby
unfurling into the infinite shades of mystically emollient life; every
she alighted her pristinely nimble foot,
The rain was timelessly life-yielding; and so was my new born baby
perpetuating a paradise of unsurpassably undefeated newness; in every
direction that she cast her immaculately dancing sight,
The rain was pricelessly inimitable; and so was my new born baby
unconquerably enamoring even the most farthest quarter of heaven; with
twinkle in her rhapsodically infallible eyes,
The rain was the ultimate gift of the heavens; and so was my new born
daughter; whose cries of stupendously charismatic freshness; spawned a
civilization of boundless beauty; till times beyond infinite infinity,
The rain was the most virile cistern of optimism; and so was my new
baby daughter; unprecedentedly subliming even the most cadaverously
corpses; with her unflinchingly raw energy to exist,
The rain was brilliantly unfettered; and so was my new born baby
expressing the innermost feeling of her heart till the ultimate
pinnacle of
the sky; whilst the salaciously manipulative planet moaned and
groaned outside,
The rain was Omnisciently blessing; and so was my new born baby
altruistically wishing the greatest of success even for the most
treacherously ribald of her foes; wholesomely oblivious to the
varsities of this corrupted planet,
The rain was unassailably fragrant; and so was my new born baby
metamorphosing even the most capricious iota of evil into a sky of
unshakably peerless truth; with the divine righteousness in her tiny
The rain was eclectically artistic; and so was my new born baby
weaving a cosmos of unparalleled beauty; with the egalitarian
compassion in
her eyes for every caste; creed; race; color and tribe,
The rain was timelessly victorious; and so was my new born baby
forever winning the hearts of every conceivable entity on this
planet; with her impregnably selfless love for all living kind,
The rain was ubiquitously a superstar; and so was my new born baby
transcending every boundary of worthless discrimination; to tirelessly
in the profoundly unstoppable glory of panoramic creation,
The rain was fearlessly intrepid; and so was my new born baby daughter;
poignantly exploring every exhilarating path of life; interminably
nothing else but the inner most voices of her benign heart,
The rain was universally amiable; and so was my new born baby daughter;
compassionately coalescing with any entity around her venerated visage;
gave her a gregarious smile,
And the rain was insuperably Immortal; and so was my new born baby
disseminating only the beats of love; love and Immortally princely
every time her godly heart throbbed in her tiny chest.

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