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Nagaraja's Daughter Miss Nagin, I Mean Miss Nagakanya At My Home, The Daughter Of Both, Mr.Nagaraja And Mrs.Nagin - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Nagaraja’s daughter,
I mean Nagaraja and Nagin’s daughter,
Miss Cobra Princess,
Nagakanya have I married,
An icchadhari nagin,
A willed-in she-cobra to take the wings

As he plays the tunes there at his home,
Into the forests elsewhere
And the nagakanya, cobra-daughter
Dances she here at my house,
Making me restless, taking the sleeps away,
As what to do with,
Where to go,
Which gunin, tamer or exorcist to be called in
With the herbal roots and mantras incantatory?

Nagaraja’s daughter, I mean, King Cobra’s,
Nagin’s, I mean Mrs Cobra’s daughter
Doing havoc at my home,
Hissing and hooded
And all the members of the household
Afraid of the cobra princess,
Which my wife.

My God, I mean the Snake-god,
How to tame in the cobra,
What should I offer to,
Milk and rice puffs,
How to pacify the wrath and anger,
You help me,
How to quell the cobra,
The cobra princess?

My God, how to maintain the calm and quiet
If this be the state of things,
How to divide the family
After her instant coming,
How to separate the old parents,
Where to sidetrack brothers and sisters?

Nagaraja playing the racial and ethnic been,
I mean the wooden been music
And the she-cobra dancing at my home,
Doing Shiva tandava,
Dancing the dance of doom, desertion and death
And I in pain calling the Snake-god, Naga-devata,
Ma Manasa, the ordaining and aboriginal deity of these.

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