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I'M Sorry - Poem by victoria rachelle ann brown

You say I'm bad,
You say I'm the worst,
You yell and you curse,

I try to tell you,
You just walk away,
We scream and we yell,
We fight and we argue,

You just don't get it,
I'm your daughter,
Not your slave,

When the day comes you realize that,
Hopefully the suicide thoughts will flee,
If that day never comes,
I will just leave,

I love you mom,
I'd do anything for you,
I'd take a bullet for you,

You are my mom,
I am your daughter,

Face the facts,
You've created a horrible thing
But that thing loves you,
And always will,

I hope one day,
You will realize,
I'm not a house-keeper,
Or a full-time babysitter,

I am your daughter,
Your daughter,
Please don't walk away,

I want you there,
I want you there for the tears,
The first date,
The first kiss,
The first breakup,
For everything,

Yeah...Everybody makes mistakes,
That makes us human,
I know I'm your version of living hell,
But please atleast don't walk away from me,

When I say I'd take a bullet for you,
I mean it,
I'd give my life for your happiness,

That's why suicide is always on my mind,
Because me leaving or not being here,
Would be the end of your tears,
Your sorrow,
Your pain,

You say I'm bad,
You say I'm the worst,
You yell and you curse,

I try to tell you,
You just walk away,
We fight and we argue,

But I love you anyways mom,
Did you hear me?
I wish you felt the same,
But I get it,
I'm living hell in your eyes,

I'm bad,
I'm the worst,
But mom,
I still love you,
Even though you don't feel the same,
I pray one day you will,
But I KNOW you NEVER will,

I'm sorry I'm bad,
I'm sorry I'm the worst,
I'm sorry I yell,
I'm sorry I ever tried to talk,
I'm sorry I didn't let you walk,

I'm sorry I'm your daughter.

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