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Infernal Regret - Poem by NAYYAR SHABBIR AHMAD

GOD: Mr. Shabbir Ahmad.
SHABBIR: Yes, my Lord-God?
GOD: I've punished her.
SHABBIR: Who, God?
GOD: Your daughter.
SHABBIR{ What? Why?
GOD: Because she begged me to.
SHABBIR: You needn't have listened to her!
GOD: Don't look so upset. She begged and begged ME. Night and day - relentlessly-and so -single mindedly.. If only, you could have heard her pleas.
SHABBIR: And, you did what she wanted?
GOD: Ofcourse! How could I not have obliged.? When one genuinely repents -I'm so soft-hearted...I try my best to alleviate the plight of the hitherto -err-imprudent
SHABBIR: : What were her exact words to you?
GOD: I can't tell you, exactly -
SHABBIR: I meant -, briefly?
GOD: That she sorely regretted her selfish and self-centred behaviour
towards you...
SHABBIR: Well...
GOD: Don't be so dismissive. You were always kind-gentle-considerate- and very, very protective towards her -....
SHABBIR: I hope, I was.
GOD: I know, you were.. I see everything.... whereas, all she did was take=demand-and be off-hand with you, in return.
SHABBIR: Please forgive her.
GOD: Now, that you're dead - she sees your true worth.
SHABBIR: God, please. I've never asked you for anything?
GOD: Now, that you're not around to spoil her - or, overlook her shortcomings -she finds the world an impossible place to live in.
SHABBIR: What did she beg of you?
GOD: She begged for regret to plague her, all her days.
SHABBIR: And, you obliged?
GOD: Not directly.
GOD: I'm Benevolent. - you know, that.
SHABBIR: That's what I thought.
GOD: Instead, I asked my Right hand Man to assist me.
SHABBIR: Oh no! God, please...
GOD: Don't interrupt! I know, you don't want to hear ill of her, but, you will hear what you were trying to turn a blind eye to all the years that you' knew her...
SHABBIR: God, my daughter was no different towards her Father than other children were - and are - towards theirs.
GOD: I knew, you would take up for her.
SHABBIR: God - admit it. All children are offhand, selfish and self-centred when doling out treatment to a parent.
GOD: I accept, she's the norm
SHABBIR: Then, forgive her, God - please....?
GOD: Don't cry.
SHABBIR: She was the light of my life.
GOD: Arise. Don't prostrate yourself..... And, dry your eyes.
SHABBIR: Apart from you, I never worshipped anyone as I did her.
GOD: That; s true.
SHABBIR: During my lifetime I did everything you wanted. Barely drank - never womanized.
GOD: I'm no sure about that.
SHABBIR: Well-err-But, she was always my one serious Love..
GOD: Arise-arise...Okay. I'll forgive her.
SHABBIR: Thank you, my Lord.
GOD: Not because, she promises to mend her ways. I have no faith in her. But, because you fulfilled almost all - not all, mind...!
SHABBIR: No, Sire.
GOD: - of your duties towards me while you were on Earth.
SHABBIR: I know, my life wasn't blemish free - for that I feel truly sorry.
GOD: I forgave you long ago because your humble ways outweighed your shortcomings.
SHABBIR: Thank you, Sire.
GOD; None of my Subjects have been perfect - so far.
SHABBIR But, Sire....
GOD: What is it...? Why do you hesitate?
SHABBIR: I have a request.
GOD: Speak?
Shabbir: I need your assurances - that you'll look after my daughter while she's on Earth?
GOD: You have my assurances.. But, unrelenting guilt will follow her where ever she goes.
SHABBIR: What? No!
GOD: Sorry-but...
SHABBIR: I don't want her to suffer any guilt on my behalf.
GOD: Unfortunately, Regret, my Right-Hand Man, has inserted such a lethal dose of serum in her, that I'm afraid, ..
SHABB But- but - Surely you being God....
God: Listen -
SHABBIR: Can't you do anything?
God: Not ME. Nothing!
SHABBIR: I don't understand.
GOD: Regret is a Force unto Himself. That's why I never clash with him.
SHABBIR: But-but-
GOD: And, that's also why, I use him very sparingly. If Nayyar hadn't begged so heart renderingly I would never have asked him for his help.

SHABBIR: Then' there's nothing to be done.
GOD: Don't lbe dejected Son. You have come to relax in the shade. Be assured that both Regret and I will keep an eye on Nayyar for you.
SHABBIR: I don't want Regret to get anywhere near her.
GOD: He's like my shadow. He goes where ever I go.
SHABBIR: Where is he now?
GOD: Well -
SHABBIR: Not on Earth- hounding my daughter?
GOD: You're too excitable. Calm down!
SHABBIR: Oh God! I didn't know, Heaven could be so cruel.
GOD: At times like these I feel so helpless.. I may rule over you Humans, but...
SHABBIR: So, what is he?
GOD; Unfortunately - an, Inhuman.
Go relax in that glade - there...and, wait patiently for your beloved daughter to join you.

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