In this page, poems on / about “death” are listed.

  • 145.

    When life gives us our first breath
    Standing by is our own death
    When we breathe our first sigh
    We know not our destiny is to die read more »

  • 146.
    Life And Death

    Life, death, - death, life; the words have led for ages
    Our thought and consciousness and firmly seemed
    Two opposites; but now long-hidden pages read more »

  • 147.
    When You Are Not Surprised

    When you are not surprised, not surprised,
    nor leap in imagination from sunlight into shadow
    or from shadow into sunlight read more »

  • 148.
    A kiss of Death.

    Death kisses me, Sucking the oxygen from my lungs,
    A kiss so deadly, It can only be felt once,
    A kiss of death so seductive, You'll never come back,
    You get a taste of what can be, you get a taste of what you lack, read more »

  • 149.
    My Death

    I painted the canvas
    with my death
    the brush got struck
    in few colours read more »

  • 150.

    Death is the bullies bashing
    against the black walls and roof tiling,
    death is the women being loved
    in the course of onion peeling. read more »

  • 151.
    On Death

    Today I want to touch
    The most mysterious and relentless
    About the inevitable truth of man
    I mean about death. read more »

  • 152.

    Oceans of waters dancing naked to the horizon beyond the sight none along with around, only the eternal sun rays dimly reflecting towards the heavenly sky, on this mysterious mystic level, death floats, only conscious of its being, super sufficient needless nimble numb, he takes a voyage unknown infinite from a definite point, and takes pleasure inward that there is no end, it is like missing from the materials and becoming a being of anti-dialectic, an absolute free entity. read more »

  • 153.
    The Peace Is Alien

    Life was never a problem
    It was constant struggle
    Since years from inception
    It is death, death and death relation read more »

  • 154.
    *death sentence*

    living a death sentence
    held in a prison
    trapped on death row
    a row full of pain read more »

  • 155.

    Death is death is death:
    Inevitability intertwines and
    Writhes in dance with Death –
    He always had an open door read more »

  • 156.
    life or death

    what is life without death
    what is death without life
    people comes from the big blue sky
    people fly up high when they die read more »

New Death Poems

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  71. Do Not Dare Be Afraid Of Death, Anele Komana
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  74. Death has its own life, gajanan mishra
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