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Poems About: DEATH

In this page, poems on / about “death” are listed.

  • 313.
    under the cover of the night

    living so enclosed
    like a dead man inside a coffin
    there is no choice
    but to sleep and inside the dream read more »

  • 314.
    My Death

    My death never comes to me
    I do not see my death, you see
    My death is not any event in my life
    As I do not live to experience it read more »

    Binoy Barman
  • 315.
    Life's Turn

    How can death be near
    Does it whisper still
    All I hear is the lark singing read more »

    Sonya Florentino
  • 316.
    What is Death to you?

    Those who see death
    know the Horror of its sight
    Those who meet death
    tend to fall upon mystical places read more »

    Sammy S. Quence
  • 317.
    Death in us all

    Death is always there waiting
    for the years, days, and hours
    to pass by.
    Death is something that read more »

    Tracey W. Owens
  • 318.

    Death is the end of our live
    Death is the gate of our existence
    Death is the end of everything
    Remember we are mortal read more »

    khoirun niam
  • 319.
    a road called life, end is death

    when i was a child, i did not know this road

    i did not recognize its existence read more »

    jim chen
  • 320.
    high or low

    death you do us a part
    death you have no heart
    tack them high or low
    death why do you do so read more »

    dani fries
  • 321.

    Death where is your sting
    Death where is your strength
    You were defeated on calvary read more »

    Tinashe Mupedzapasi
  • 322.
    Death As Itself

    Blowing in the breeze I saw Death
    Upon wing like any other bird
    But Death was not sing son
    Death sang with a dreadful crow! read more »

    Samantha Rak
  • 323.

    Death is anger, agony and despair
    Death is white like a ghost; nothing to kill or die for
    Death is bitter and hauntes you in your sleep
    Death is something knowone can excape read more »

    Katelyn Ross
  • 324.
    Word Association Exercise

    Moon - Glow - Worm - Grave - DEATH

    Rose- Thorn - Cut - Bleed - DEATH read more »

    Neil Crawford
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