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In this page, poems on / about “depression” are listed.

  • 121.

    By Jason L Cozart read more »

    Jason Cozart
  • 122.
    'And I Cry (rev.) 07/10/09

    Depression, quarterly reviews,
    depression, I am obtuse,
    depression, the only news I have
    is I’m crying all the time, read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 123.
    The Depression of the 1930's

    The depression of the 1930's was the time of my childhood days,
    There were a lot of worries and hardships in many ways.
    Whatever time people could spare, they would help each other out,
    Bad times also came when there was a draught. read more »

    Margaret Rodkey
  • 124.
    My Fear Takes Over My Depression

    This depression causes me fear
    causes the fear in life to come out
    the fear or confusion and the fear of loss
    I try hard not to think of fear and this depression read more »

    Juliana Willsey
  • 125.
    Great Depression

    Stars silently shine in midnight skies
    Dab away tears from my eyes
    Illustrate to the world there's nothing to hide read more »

    Alana Joy Bailey
  • 126.
    Struggle To Survive

    Everyday is a struggle.
    A struggle to survive.
    Survive the pain and heartache.
    The heartache caused by suffering. read more »

    Ally Stats
  • 127.
    Drowning In The Water

    Where is what I want to say,
    But my heart screams nay
    Death, despair, sorrow all define
    Me the one that forgets time. read more »

    Kemanie Abraham
  • 128.
    Falling Down

    I can't shake this feeling
    I push people away
    It's obvious I've changed
    My shadow torments me read more »

    Victor Osorio
  • 129.
    Tears In My Throat

    For years
    tears have been behind my eyes
    forced back
    by a promise read more »

    Kaysen Fraker
  • 130.
    I'm Done

    I’m done with this knife I’m done with this blade
    I can’t keep living in this masquerade.
    I can change my life and make it fun
    So with that depression I am done read more »

    Dead Poetic
  • 131.
    Shackled To Depression

    Shackled to depression
    Intertwined, amongst my veins
    Self worth, self love
    Are lost, within the pain read more »

    Wendy Bureau
  • 132.
    The Lonely Soul and Broken Heart

    On the verge of tears,
    just wanting to be loved.
    Lonely to the point
    of depression hurt beyond read more »

    Krazy Rae
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