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  • 73.

    Be not depressed. Depression, is the thief of happiness.
    Like all thieves', he must be combated and defeated.

    Like all thieves', depression must be fought with great
    vigor and resolve.

    Depression, the dark cloak of reason, that blocks most
    rational thought and any chance of happiness.

    Depression, an emotional straight jacket, confining the
    depressed to an infusion of negativity and haplessness.

    Depression, withdrawal of social interaction and an
    elongated state of sadness.

    Depression, a disease that like a cancer, eats away
    at your very being.

    Depression, a desperate battle between living...and
    merely existing.

    Depression, an enemy, that one must seek help
    to do battle with.

    Do not stand ideally by, for depression, will steal your
    very soul.

    The enemies of depression, are social interaction, happiness, love, understanding and seeking medication or help in some form. DO IT!

    © Joe Fazio read more »

  • 74.

    Depression is the sorrow in your heart…
    Depression is the feeling of being alone…
    Depression is knowing your best isn’t enough…
    Depression is knowing no one cares if your dead or alive… read more »

  • 75.
    Confession In My Rhymes

    depression leaves me down
    it leaves me feeling lost
    friends they leave my side
    and left me feeling crossed read more »

  • 76.
    From My Mind's Eye

    When things go down and slow
    And it seems dull in life's row
    Then instead of losing all my hopes
    And falling in depression's sea with mope read more »

  • 77.
    Cant Be Saved

    I cant find my way,
    I cant block out the voices,
    Cant stop fallowing the light guiding me,
    Cant stop thinking of you, read more »

  • 78.

    Sinking further into depression,
    Can't keep my head above this ocean,
    I just can't fight its downwards pull,
    Feeling weights tied to my feet, read more »

  • 79.

    read more »

  • 80.
    A New Year's Toast

    Here's to every Aussie fellow,
    Who refused to show the yellow
    When depression's clammy hand
    Cast its shadow o'er the land. read more »

  • 81.

    depression is when you are sucked into a cold lonely world
    where you don't have anyone to love
    no one by you're side
    you wish you could die read more »

  • 82.
    Hurting Inside

    Depression hurts
    inside and out.

    On the inside your heart tears read more »

  • 83.
    Depression destroyed my life

    Depression destroyed my life.
    It told me I was no good.
    It told me I was all bad.
    It told me I was not loved. read more »

  • 84.
    Depression Monster

    Spinning faster and faster, spiraling down, down,
    Depression creates a suffocating heaviness
    which consumes and smothers your entire being.
    As i recall this space in time, read more »

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