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Poems About: DESPAIR

In this page, poems on / about “despair” are listed.

  • 133.
    The Hallow Space

    Upon entering the hallow space, I cannot help but feel battered and defected
    Staring into the nothingness, wondering why my emotions remain scattered and uncollected read more »

    Patrick Villareal
  • 134.
    Language Of Tears

    Tears flow without a stop
    Pin pricks of pain breaks the bubble
    Sometimes I wish for a smile
    Even a fake one for that matter read more »

    Deepa Thomas
  • 135.
    Turbulent Tantrum

    Anger is more useful then despair
    Dont cry your eyes out or pull out your hair
    Smash someones head in with a wooden chair
    Anger is more useful than despair read more »

    Bridgid Patrick
  • 136.
    Summer's Love Soon Forgotten

    Her eyes match the color,
    Of a bright summer sky,
    when our love was born,
    In the grass, read more »

    Trent Delomel
  • 137.
    silently fuming

    silently fuming as i stare
    into the darkness of my despair
    you took what makes me-me
    why couldent you just let me be read more »

    Moon Child
  • 138.
    Understanding Reality

    Good work comes to those who are real in their effort,
    Good will is a factor of brilliance in the ways of the world,
    Good living carried all audacity throughout the time,
    Good jobs are distinct now that they pursue righteous action. read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 139.
    foundation of despair

    Only on the firm foundation of despair
    can habitations of the soul be built read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 140.
    Techno Despair

    The world ages,
    We grow,
    To die in a techno age,
    Is something wonderful, read more »

    Viraj Bhanshaly
  • 141.

    ONLY tell her that I love:
       Leave the rest to her and Fate:
    Some kind planet from above
    May perhaps her pity move: read more »

    John Cutts, Lord Cutts
  • 142.
    Whether In Joy Or Despair

    Whether in joy or despair
    God is always at our side
    And we never feel alone
    In His great friendly love. read more »

    Guido Berardi
  • 143.
    Weeps And Shudders

    the hands on the clock
    crawl from need to despair,
    from despair to the edge,
    from the edge to the fall... read more »

    Eric Cockrell
  • 144.
    Nobody Saw The Roses

    Walking down the subway
    Narrow as a rat hole.
    Rain water flooding.
    Knee depth water. read more »

    Sowmya Sundaram
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