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  • 361.
    William And Nancy

    AS on the transport's dusky side
    Young William stood with folded arms,
    Silent he watch'd the rising tide,
    The loud wind fill'd him with alarms.
    Not for himself he knew to fear,
    But for one dearer far than life;
    Nancy, in parting doubly dear,
    His tender bride, his faithful wife.
    She still had hop'd to share his fate,
    To sooth him in affliction's hour;
    On all his wand'ring steps to wait,
    And give the comfort in her power.

    But chance denied the wish'd-for prize,
    The envied lot another drew;
    Now sorrow dim'd her sleepless eyes,
    And to despair her sorrow grew.
    But when the shouting seamen strove
    To tow the vessel on its way,
    Wak'd from despair by anxious love,
    She rush'd along the crowded quay.
    The sails unfurl'd, as gliding round,
    The parting cheers still louder grew,
    She flew, and with a fearful bound
    Drop'd in her William's arms below. read more »

  • 362.
    Little things

    Little things

    A little becomes big,
    When the circumstance leads. read more »

  • 363.
    Emoticons in my Life

    Already In childlhood I had emoticons
    of cry when I hungered and I longed for my mom
    A lost toy is sorrow, the sting of ant is pain
    A friend who went away left icons of despair read more »

  • 364.
    Slaying The Dreamer [2008]

    Sweet tulip graveyard of despair,
    Lull the dreams I adore.
    Dark lords seduce me in a glare
    In worlds wielding unused lore. read more »

  • 365.
    The Streets Of Desolation And Despair

    Everyone's gone now
    And we're walking in the steady but irritating rain
    And in your eyes
    They have the marks of being tear stained read more »

  • 366.
    My Shit Poetry

    I would much rather stare at a blank page
    Than read the shit poetry I write. Everything is
    Lost in translation, coagulated
    And dry, I write this. A formulaic read more »

  • 367.
    A mornings word 11/02/07

    All these bits and pieces
    that have fallen in disrepair
    as a broken heart unleashes
    all the sadness and despair read more »

  • 368.
    Summer's Love Soon Forgotten

    Her eyes match the color,
    Of a bright summer sky,
    when our love was born,
    In the grass, read more »

  • 369.

    ONLY tell her that I love:
       Leave the rest to her and Fate:
    Some kind planet from above
    May perhaps her pity move: read more »

  • 370.

    Bawl throw fits
    Smear shit against the walls
    Wail and break and
    Weep torrentially read more »

  • 371.
    Euphoric Despair

    I can’t get up when I'm down,
    In this sea of misery, no I can’t swim
    But my soul, oh no, it won’t drown read more »

  • 372.

    When will we care
    About others in despair?
    When will we take the time
    To help the stranger in a bind? read more »

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