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() - Poem by Eoshoros

Part I 'To thee who will wait for me in my every dream…'

The stars shine above
Reminding endless night walks
Yet I don't care
They are sparkling no more

The shorting train
The only sound in the air
Passing by
Strangers unknown and unconcerned
We dared to go too close to the sun
The remnants of thy heart in my arms
The remnants of my heart in thine
And I feel so alone…
And I feel so cold…

I dare not to fall asleep
I fear the shadows in my dreams
Rotting... While the cold hours pass almost unsensed
In grief and despair...

The first remindings of the new light in the east
Empty bottles everywhere around me
Yet I care only for thee...

Part II '…Sophie'

Everything is melting away...
Only memories of the neverlasting beauty remain
Only memories and pain...
The curtains of darkness fall
Veiling everything in sight
Corrupting the every hope
All passed. Never to return...

Smiling and uncared as always
Yet unelusive and still as never
You fade away
Like everything else
No! ! Wait for me...
On my knees and despaired
Don't you hear me crying for thy help?

All things have passed
Only the blackened emptiness remain
And even the pain is fading away...

Part III 'Drowned in our arms'

Like the palest hope through the heaviest mists of despair
I see thy eyes
Haunting my heart
This is not reality
All things must pass...

I drown into the most sacred of my dreams
Yet thy face only I see
Don't you hear my call to thee?
Oh... Fucked up mind
I hear thy voice answering

Oh Sophie...
I feel thy tears flowing on me
Oh beloved one…
I feel thy soul closer to mine than ever before

Why are you here?
Why you embrace me?
What tear us apart
Forever between us will stand

I have lost my faith to fairytales
I know now…
Soulmates ever drown in the dark seas of despair
Yet only in thy embrace I can find still
The illusions that I need...

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