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  • 85.

    I'm never awake
    I cannot sleep
    I'm never aware
    I've fell too deep

    Into an abysm of
    Sciolism and ridicule
    Of those who misundestand
    Or can't comprehend


    The decline of my mind
    While in the motion of time
    The slow motion of time
    The illusions left behind

    I can't close my eyes
    I can't rest my mind
    For a few minutes at a time
    Searching for something cathartic

    Why should I sleep
    When I'm living my nightmare
    My surmise that I keep
    In my existance of despair

    To stop the fucking dwelling
    The grim, the mental swelling
    On account of the morbid whispers
    And the pathological murmurs

    Dawn forgives all sins
    Cures the enterprise within
    All my senses are acute
    Every answer comes with dispute

    Why should I sleep
    When I'm living my nightmare
    My surmise that I keep
    In my existance of despair

    Its much to loud
    Inoperable all around
    I'm not fully aware
    I'm not veritably here

    The Mania
    Hypomania read more »

  • 86.
    Despair In Old Age


    Despair in old age read more »

  • 87.
    Infinite journey.

    A Journey to the infinite
    Destination thought about
    just like in a country boat
    The journey started from infinite. read more »

  • 88.

    My life, ever since then has been really dry.
    Situation, where traits of boredom do lie,
    To escape from dreadful anguish, as I try,
    It is so bad, that I ‘am about to fry. read more »

  • 89.

    I, newly born,
    In the temple stand,
    And feel Thy warm touch
    On my head. read more »

  • 90.

    I grasped,
    clawed through layers of love and want:
    I'm desperate - we're disparate. read more »

  • 91.

    On this subject,
    No one speaks
    With any authority:
    No one can tell you read more »

  • 92.
    Two sides of coin

    Two sides of coin
    Always remain
    So the hope and despair
    For life to be kept read more »

  • 93.

    Despair outloud
    Despair and fear
    Its all despair when noone hears
    My soul is screaching read more »

  • 94.

    I woke up this morning
    scared and anxious.
    I woke up with despair.
    What ! A dangerous feeling. read more »

  • 95.

    - - - - - - - - - -
    Despair despair despair
    Why despair, act and see read more »

  • 96.
    Esperanto Despair

    Imagine my despair,
    on emerging from four-year,
    self-imposed exile
    to find the language read more »

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