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Sayings - One Liners – Story Starts – And More - Poem by Steven Sabathie

You’ve been told that when life gives you lemons …make lemonade…unless life also gives you sugar…all you can make is tart lemon juice…you can never make lemonade with just lemons…so when life gives a lemon, that’s what you have…a lemon.

Is the glass half empty or is it half full…unless you tell me whether the fluid was on the way in or on the way out then it’s just simply a half of a glass…even Freud said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

The Number 13 – The Luckiest Number

It was 13 colonies that became 13 states
there are 13 stripes in the flag
there were 13 stars in the first flag

If there were 12 colonies – They might not have been strong enough to break away from England
If it were 14 colonies – The Constitution might not have been ratified

Regardless of how the territorial land mass (The Continental United States) had evolved – Whether some of it would have remained with England or many different countries Hitler, Stalin and Tojo were still going to be who they were and do what they did. If it wasn’t for the United States then today if you were allowed to be born at all your name would be – Shultz – Ivan or Yoshi. The number 13 is the Luckiest Number to ever happen to the world as we know it.

We’re all going to hell…but some of us are going deeper.

Kill everyone – The righteous will float.

Smell the rose and feel the thorns.

If Dumb Were Intelligent – You’d Still Be Stupid.

That and a nickel will get you nothing.

You’re doing a hell of a job – The way you do the work the job is going to hell.

I used to party hardy now I hardly party but when I do party it’s still pretty hardy.

What Is Destiny and What Is Free Will

Destiny is genetic
All genes are “preprogrammed” to respond a specific way to a given environment.

Free will is environment – We control the environment
Therefore we can control our destiny

A 50 year old man tells his friends he is going to quit smoking, workout and eat healthy…And he does he lives a full 20 years longer than his all friends…Now the day comes and he dies and it turns out that heaven makes Disneyland look tame…He looks down the way and sees all his friends in Greek Adonis bodies having a great time…His friend Bill runs toward him yelling Al, Al buddy you finally made it up here… Al you stopped smoking, you ate healthy, you worked out, you stayed there an extra 20 years…Dude, What we’re thinking! ! !

These are sapiens from a Terrine environment. They will not give you their children. And if you try to take them, they will destroy you, no matter how long it takes or the price to pay, they will destroy you.

Ishkabibel tiny little
and the cow that jumped over the moon
came to tea singing harmony
and played music with the silver spoons

Looking Tookin and Bookin
went looking for a booking
In Tookin - New Jersey that is
when Looking told Booking
he’d gottin tookin
to the cleaners that is…

The Story Of Johnny Shoe

Johnny Shoe was from the planet Shoe. On the planet Shoe Johnny was the best, no one could tie and untie knots like Johnny Shoe. Then one day Johnny moves to Earth but on Earth tying and untying shoes for a living is a joke. So people laugh at him, you laugh at him you ridicule him you condescend him.
Then the day comes and you and your family are being held hostage by a serial killer and as he stabs you in your eye with a screwdriver and begins to eat it in front of you don’t you wish, Johnny Shoe was next to you, to untie the knot.

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