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  • 241.
    If We All Looked The Same

    If we all looked the same and believed in the same God and any Country did not have a border
    There would be peace on Planet Earth and there would be law and order
    And we all spoke the one language and the World was one big Nation
    We would not have nationalism and we would not have discrimination
    We would not have the things in our lives that always causes schism
    Those awful things that even rhyme patriotism and racism
    Though some will tell you I am one that difference does make us interesting
    To many difference it does seem to their reasoning can be testing
    No war men or terrorists for to fight for God and flag of Nation
    But sad to think of what I say here is born of imagination
    Since negativity rules the Human World we lack trust in each other
    We wage war on those different and we wage war on our Earth Mother
    If we all looked the same and had the one God and the World was one Nation
    The flower of peace would be in full bloom a cause for joy and celebration. read more »

  • 242.
    You May Feel Superior To Most Others

    You may feel superior to most others but to the scythe of the Reaper you too must fall
    Your ego is overinflated but in your ways you are quite small
    So full of your own self importance a small minded man in a small town
    Where even the highest achiever can only daydream of renown read more »

  • 243.
    We Cannot Have Trust And Justice

    We cannot have trust and justice if we deny the truth
    If in the face of prejudice we do remain as mute
    Where one race feels superior to another there never can be trust
    Let us drink to equality and what is right and just read more »

  • 244.

    Ugliness in pink flakes
    elopes with a terrorist.
    Sun bleaches the black scorn
    muscles ache with cramps. read more »

  • 245.
    From The Experiences She's Had

    In broken English she spoke about the Taliban
    The ex refugee from war torn Afghanistan
    Their rule to say the least was quite austere
    And all Afghan women of them lived in fear. read more »

  • 246.
    On Reading Blake's 'Little Black Boy'

    Two centuries or even more gone by
    Since William Blake wrote 'The little black boy'
    He told in verse how black skin equalled white
    And in what he wrote of course the poet was right. read more »

  • 247.
    A Fair Go For All People

    A fair go for all people to such I can relate
    Whatever be their culture their race, beliefs or faith
    Down with rank and class distinction and here's to the fair go
    In an egalatarian society peace and harmony would grow read more »

  • 248.
    Tolerance Through The Year

    A little bit of tolerance lives
    Within your heart each day,
    When you do a worthwhile deed,
    Give a word of encouragement away. read more »

  • 249.
    Simplistic Solutions: Sexual Discrimination Sells

    Advertisement companies use sex
    (unisex maximizes
    gender hormonal appeals)
    because sex sells sells sells baby. read more »

  • 250.
    Spirituality Finds Reflection In Science

    Then, said the Master,
    Be a plasma, not a duster,
    All human beings are his writing pads,
    For him within they are mad, read more »

  • 251.
    An Error

    A letter has come from a Pet hospital.
    It's critical for Nimal to receive vaccinations.
    Our records show Nimal is overdue for a vaccination
    Against the following disease: read more »

  • 252.

    Contemplation of condemnation,
    for discrimination on almost every nation.
    We fight our wars,
    and justify why, we kill or have to die. read more »

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