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Shortcut To Fame - Part 2 - Poem by The Duke

(Continued from Part 1)

So I took a sledge hammer, broke down the wall
And felt a terrible breeze.
And the sun was so bright that it blinded my eyes
And I fell down on my knees.
My neighbour's dog, was out for a walk, who stopped by to say hi,
And he thought I won't mind, when he lifted his hind up towards the sky.
Next thing I knew, my face was all wet due to his timely biological need.
What a dumb animal, I said to myself, a savage at heart indeed.
Upon clearing his voice, expressing exultant joy, dog began to speak-
'I just want to let you know, there is no easy go, or shortcut to succeed.
All you do is dream of fame, while practicing ancestral butt scratching-
Sometimes I wonder whether you do anything, besides doing nothing.'
Wise words from a dog, like a buddhist monk, my sanity was in doubt.
Upon winking at me, apologizing for the pee, next door dog peaced out

Perplexed and confused, I thought to myself,
Real world is a horrid place.
The breeze gives you shivers, sun blinds your eyes,
And talking dog wets your face.
So I rebuild my wall, very strong and tall,
But this time I left a doorway.
World can't be all bad, the thought makes me glad,
Someday I plan to visit the Broadway.
But sometimes it helps, to sit by myself,
And isolate from all the bustles and hue-
And I don't need no fame, I have got no name,
I just want to be one among you.
I want to have simple dreams for dreaming is a gift,
Listen to the music sometimes, sometimes ignorance will be a bliss.
Sometimes when I am bored, I'll walk on the river shores,
And may be someday I'll hear someone, knocking at my door
And I will sell my dreams for a kiss.

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