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In this page, poems on / about “dog” are listed.

  • 301.
    On The Day That Pudsy Died

    A cold fog from the mountain stole across the countryside
    And cloaked the fields in greyness on the day that Pudsy died
    She had survived many life's battles and she did not die easily
    Like her I too must go the way of time whenever that will be. read more »

  • 302.
    Dippy the Dog

    This is the tale of Dippy the dog read more »

  • 303.

    I still recall our old cattle dog Pudsy
    We got her from John Pat Riordan as an eight week old
    A black and tan she was as tough as leather
    She'd sleep out in the frost and not be cold. read more »

  • 304.
    Jack And Joe

    Jack would not sell his dog not even for a billion he says my dog Joe is just not for sale
    One cannot buy such things as trust and loyalty and in such tests my best mate never fail
    A bone from the butcher and a can of dog food that seems to fulfil his needs every day
    For his companionship and his undying devotion that does not seem such a big price to pay. read more »

  • 305.
    Mother Doesn't Want a Dog

    Mother doesn't want a dog.
    Mother says they smell,
    And never sit when you say sit,
    Or even when you yell. read more »

  • 306.
    His Dog Is A Man's Best Friend

    There is an old time saying that his dog is a man's best friend
    That too should apply to women for why should we pretend
    That a woman does not love her dog as much as any man
    Women have loved their canines since human and canine friendships first began. read more »

  • 307.
    Old Dog Tray

    THE morn of life is past,
    And ev'ning comes at last;
    It brings me a dream of a once happy day,
    Of merry forms I've seen read more »

  • 308.
    Dead Dog

    I saw him walking
    down the street
    dragging dead dog
    behind him. read more »

  • 309.
    Goodbye To Mans Best Friend

    My dogs name was Dotty Ive had her almost ten years
    Ive just had to have her put down and its brought my family to tears
    she was a great dog and yappy all the time
    seeing her last night i knew she wasn't fine read more »

  • 310.
    Old Joe The Black Cattle Dog

    Old Joe the black cattle dog has known a better day
    Around his jaws he is looking rather gray
    He still works cattle but at a much slower pace
    A young dog is being trained to take his place, read more »

  • 311.
    A Dog of Few Words

    A clerk said, 'Next in line - this way.'
    A dog spoke up, 'I guess I am.'
    'What can we do for you today? '
    'I want to send a telegram.' read more »

  • 312.
    Donal Hickey's Fox Terriers

    With a likeable master they won their renown
    As great little earth dogs west of Millstreet Town
    For fox or for badger they fearlessly went to ground
    And that type of dog is quite hard to be found. read more »

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