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A Boy And His Dog - Poem by Kewayne Wadley

He felt the warmth of his pup's fur as he softly pet his head down by his knee
A Basset Hound
Like the one on the box that matched his shoes
He looked up at the dental assitant as she walked through the door signaling that it was time for him to come to the back
He shook with fear as his mother drug him there against his will
He hated his trips to the dentist
He'd rather have stayed at school
Or have been forced to eat broccoli
He loved the end of his trips
As it always ended with candy
He hated getting his teeth cleaned
The harsh scrubing of the instruments, usually, if not all the time scraped his gums
the tool used on the end of the dentist's drill would give an uncomfortable feeling to his teeth if left in one spot to long
Through his trips he grew quite found of the tool used to suck the spit from his mouth
The dentist office wasn't too far from where they lived which made the trip much worse
Reality had no choice but to sink in by the time they both arrived
The dentist also had a strict policy against animals being allowed in or outside the office during business hours
But seeing the boy's bond with the dog they made slight acception
As it was the only way the boy would calm down without causing much of an scene
The dog would wag his tail and follow the boy whereever he went
It brought a sense of calmness whenever the boy's heart would flutter with such fear, or nervousness
The time came when the boy had to sit in the chair
The dentist not too long followed as he walked in the room and greeted both of them with a smile and a pat to the head
The dog had grew on him as well
The boy looked at the dog as he wished they could trade places
The dentist laughed as he could sense the boys nervousness
he promised it wouldn't hurt as he extended his pinky out
A promise was made
He examined the boys teeth as he cleaned them
Giving slow nods and sounds
The dog rose his head, curious to the sound as well as the boy whose mouth was wide open
After a few moments
The dentist spoke
all done as he laid his tools back down, letting the chair back up
Not a cavity in sight, as you thought it'll be much worse he spoke
The dentist gave the Basset Hound a good pat on the head as he too walked over to expect the boys shiney new teeth
The boy grabbed his pup in his arms as the dentist gave him a choice of suckers he had in his upper right pocket

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