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Poems About: DREAM

In this page, poems on / about “dream” are listed.

  • 133.
    I Dream To Smile

    A dream that bring happiness
    A dream that blinks to
    Show the way forward
    A dream which gives strength read more »

    Tadasha Tripathy
  • 134.
    Dreaming Of You

    Dream and Dream, thats all i want to do
    Dream and Dream all about you
    making wishes, and dreaming the'll come true
    our kisses would be magical, our hugs will be filled with joy read more »

    CaItLyN MaRiE
  • 135.

    Everyone has dreams
    Also including you
    I like to dream
    And I'm sure you do too read more »

    One Self
  • 136.
    My Dream

    I dream of a time
    When things were good
    I dream of a place
    Where people do what they should read more »

    Chelsea Baird
  • 137.
    My Dreams

    I had a dream that I could dream of anything.
    I had a dream that all my dreams would come true.

    I had a dream that I would have to watch what I dream. read more »

    Blue Angel
  • 138.

    Dreams of Life
    Written by Selvin ‘Ewan’ McRae

    Walk the ladders confidently to the top read more »

    selvin mcrae
  • 139.
    Love Is

    Love is just a dream
    A dream you can never hold in your hands
    A dream that never stays for long
    A dream that fades away read more »

    Kailey Marie Abbott
  • 140.
    when i dream of (sabrina kawana) : -)

    When I dream of you I see the stars, the
    presence of you in my dreams feels like heaven,
    even though I don’t know how heaven
    feels, these feels creep in cause you’re a peaceful dream. read more »

    Seth Mutau
  • 141.
    I Dream

    I dream of you coming back to me
    I dream of you touching me
    I dream of you contacting me
    I dream of you holding me read more »

    Roxanne Stanton
  • 142.
    - Life in a mirror -

    A dream of the world
    a dream of a lost soul
    a dream of pleasure and pain
    a dream of false and believes read more »

    Jothi Mangaiarkkarasit
  • 143.

    I live in a dream
    One that has become true
    I live in a dream
    One where I found you read more »

    Paul Anthony Scott
  • 144.

    To sleep to sleep perchance to dream,
    so begins that famous poem
    a fitting place to start my tome
    dreams of longing, dreams I fear read more »

    Jim Milks
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