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Dream, My Boy! Dream! - Poem by Murty N S

Dream my boy! Dream!
Dream to rid of your rote monotony.
Dream if you dare! Dream to show you have guts!
But never dream for the sake of dreaming.
For, dreaming is but to take up cudgels against adversity.

Dream to make your life what you like it to be.
If you are young and still can’t dream,
You will be abusing the Xs and Ys that dreamed of you.

When you grow up to a man, you can’t dream.
For, nightmares beset you to disturb your sleep.
And once you become old,
What will there be to dream about
Except a long inventory of bungled up promises,
And life wasted away as a vast desert of time?

Dream my boy! Dream!
Dreaming is not yet another exercise of pastime.
It is trying to draw a blueprint of life.
It is an epoch to embark upon challenges
The earlier generations dreaded to dream.

Dream about freeing from every shackle,
About breaking every chain that impedes your progress.
Let dreaming be such an obsession with you
That you dream about things no one hitherto ever dreamt of.
Imagine where you would be
Had not that caveman dared to dream!

Dream my boy! Dream!
Not anybody can, nor everybody would dream.
Many shiver in their socks to dream
And of the few that can, most leave their dreams
At the doorstep of eyelids when they have to buck-up.
Only a digital few live to translate their dreams,
This, to a bewildered onlooker seems dream living.

Dreaming is not resignation to fate amidst string of failures.
On the contrary, it is a defiance of it
And resilience from the sense of defeat.
It is “bonsai”ing hope and confidence,
In the fist of determined effort.

Only those that quarry courage from the deep recesses
Of their psyche to face every want, battle out every hurdle
A la Galileo, Socrates, or Copernicus
Could dare dreaming of exotic things.
Rest stay content
Inhuming their blessed youth in the hives of time
Sans identity, sans respect,
Sans any notion of their having ever existed.

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