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Can You Dream For Me? - Poem by Travis Thomas

Can you dream for me?
Because I've known nothing but this village sand
my pillaged land desolate of dreams so,
Can you dream for me...?

I've failed to contemplate and escape
Outside the gates of my city walls
And these mental scars and these mental bars are
too closely constructed for your hands to grasp me.

However, the light of your dreams shines through revealing these bars are not as tight as I once
perceived so, can you dream for me?
I was told dreaming was just a product of culture
by traditional vultures that swallowed up my aspirations like fresh meat.

Confined to this mold to appease societal codes passed down from days of old.
Before you dreamed for me I had accepted my role as a number,
I had accepted my role as a worker,
I had accepted the simplistic standard to work, eat, and sleep to appease my comfort in this
prison cell, but now your dreams have changed that.

Your dreams have revealed how naturally I had accepted the hand me down status quo, yet now I
know that bar is far too low.
Seeing your dreams so beautifully constructed and adorned
so distinguished from the norm, I'm tempted to mourn
because my aspirations lack even a platform so, can you dream for me?

Can you dream so I can see the motivations necessary to
build a foundation that can uphold such vast imaginations against the impatient winds of time
and doubt?

Please dream for me and close this chasm between reality and what I deem a fantasy. Thus, what
was once a fantasy, becomes a plan or me, and plants a seed that sprouts bearing fruit for all to
see and dream as well. Now can you see why I desperately need you to dream for me, to dream
for us?

It's evident your dreams are a product of a mysterious love and since you've dreamed I'm
convinced this love can free me from my prison cell. So can you introduce me to this love that
makes dreams possible? Can you introduce me to this key holder, this chain breaker, this life
giver, this dream maker, So I can dream for Him too and be free?

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