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Untitled I - Poem by April Abigail

For if Shakespeare had never wrote it, would it exist? Praying that it was never available, never open to such simple minds to give to those who feel.

When you ride through the east, the battered trees hit the deck and scrape at the windows - orange illuminates the cabin. For twenty at least, twenty minds and spines watching a world flash by do not notice, do not do justice.

The constant banging of the branches and the wind blowing the leaves is what is supposed to make you contemplate nature. The being of the world and the beginning of the end. Believe it, embrace it - for it is all fake. It is all false.

For only bill's word exists i believe, and that is a sad thing. For all those ignorant enough, they go with the word and go round the world embracing their downs. We feel like a rise. We feel like stairs that can reach up to the stars, for only up there can i feel different, from only up there can I gaze down on our past and ponder our future, ponder with hope.

The disease eats away through the east past 30mph and over ease, back home further. It still eats now - who cursed me? the creator or the giver? I beg i beg i beg, i beg for the eating to be done with - flock away and leave me, leave me until another day because tonight i dream.

I dream beyond the east and the vessels, beyond the sticks and the leaves, beyond the past and into the future - i dream of this romance not hurting. I dream of no longer begging, i dream of you. i dream of us, i dream everything. I dream of an eternal dream, a sleep that can be achieved so easily with the touch, so sweetly with the last breath, the last taste of consciousness and a world of ignorant dreaming where only the future exists.

A world full of love and a world full of you. I dream to much and this is a cure - a cure for the short dreams of happiness that crumble into pain when the light shines upon our real eyes. This sleep is real, this sleep has no beams to gaze and no haze to shine and no twenty others or so to awake to.

This dream and this sleep of constant love, constant experience and constant happiness.

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