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However...(Words To Measure) - Poem by Marie WardAlonge

Yes, it’s true.
I don’t know everything.
However, I do know some things.
I believe no one on this earth knows everything.
Others may believe they do.

I am not the smartest person in this world.
However, I am not the dumbest either.
Through my travels, I have met many who can take a shot at the title.
I love to hear some say you think you know everything.
Well, if this is the case do you believe you are a psyche?

I try to love everybody.
However, some of you are difficult to like.
Some may call you needy-especially your so-call friends.
However, you noticed they felt a 'need' to point this out to you.
It didn't matter-even during your moment of stress.

Everyone has flaws.
Perhaps, some more than others.
Know what's going on with you.
Have the heart to care about others.
Make no judgment about none.

Some may say you don’t have common sense.
I believe it’s common for some people to believe they have sense.
I believe it takes common sense and an education to make it in this world.

However, if so, the education may not have been a good one.
Yet, it’s still an education.
Experiences in life-I won’t define.
Sometimes, you are forced to learn the rest.

Intelligent people-I have come across “so-call” many.
However, some want to act silly.
Does anyone have to tell you not to pull that employee’s hair?
Was your mom the first to tell you to keep your hands to yourself?
Surely, for your own health, please don’t be a menace.

Yet, you gathered to hear these words.
And what did you do?
You carried on—you carried on.

There was once this city.
To me, it was full of drama and opinions.
Some people like to give you advice.
Others tell you what you “need” to do.
However, when you flipped it, some didn’t want your advice
Nor the same advice they gave you.
Let’s move on…

I heard everyone has a story.
Perhaps, this is true.
However, tell someone your story.
You know-what you have been through.
It’s a good chance someone will tell you what you should have done
Or say if it had been them, they would have done…yea, right!

Anyway, if you are not feeling miserable by the time you try to
Explain yourself for the third time, keep talking to them.
You will be.
When they are finished giving their lecture, you might feel even worse.
You might have believed you could turn to them for comfort and understanding.
Keep in mind- some are outsiders trying to look in.

Politics-if you don’t vote, some may lecture you about not voting.
However, when you vote, some want to know for whom?
If you make the call to tell them, then some may say you are voting for the wrong person.
No need to say more about that one.

Pleasantries-this is one of my favorite things to measure.
Some want you to be consistent while others are not.
You want this smile and laughter for no reason at all.
While my counterparts get a chance to be serious, they are not engaging.

You can say hello and some just smile back.
Well, heck, you could have saved your oxygen and gave that fake smile too.
Others may see you coming from a distance—they appear uncomfortable.
So they fidget-won’t look your away again but instead look back-on the side.
Anywhere but your eyes and say hello while still approaching you from thirty yards away.
You know what I mean.
Let’s not pretend.

The first time we meet you are asking for personal information.
I want to be evasive-that’s just me.
Then, you tell me you are just making conversation.
If that’s the case, let’s talk about sports.
However, please be advised-know your history.
Know your game.

Everyone has manners-whether it’s good manners or bad manners.
You approach someone.
You want information but you can’t even say hello.
However, that kind person gives you the answer and you walk away without saying thank you.
Forget home training-you may not even care.

Attitudes-there are good ones and bad ones.
Please ask them to define which one some believe you might have.

Personality-don’t believe it when someone tells you, you don’t have one.
Everyone has one or several, in some cases.
Whether they are favorable, that’s another story.

Some may say you have no sense of humor.
Well, I have sensed not their kind of humor.

And the best one yet…
Some may say you are negative or paranoid.
Keep in mind- they are the one using negative words.
Tell them if you believe them, you would be paranoid.

What I know is:
“If I believe everything people tell me, say about me, or try to get
Me to take credit, it could make me rich or crazy.
I would rather be rich…however.”

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