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Why Tears Indiraja? - Poem by sisirachandra vaduge

Ivory moon queen emerging through dusky evening of western sky
Starlets rehearsing to illuminate her arrival of glory
Devotees' meditating with preaching's of Buddha memory
Whole world awakening to attain eternal happiness with peace and harmony

Bamboo tree lanterns and decorations flickering paper mane
Streets and shops with colorful electronic rain
Children and mothers dressed in white robe linen
Men and women marching towards Badulla Muthiyangana Temple Lane

They are bathing after munching kithul stem
Mahouts observing safe route for sacred Buddha relic procession
Offering D'ana for priests, devotees passively listening music and Buddha song
Dragonfly's bats and eagles spying if weather attempt any harm for this royal pageant

Sounds of drums and whip crackers
Alarming round the pageant is forward marching in progress
Road side gathering blasting flower crackers
Children blowing whistles in made-up monkey face

Mahout commanding no hurry step upward low motion
Buddha monks, temple trustees and nobles walk in portentous
Glamour of celebrating Buddha reminiscence
Giant tusker lowly tossing head left to right display high religious conviction

Marching around the capital city Uva province up country
Careful highly vigilant investigating eyes sharp focusing
If any single damage to golden casket tied back, the royal temple treasure in
I am the giant hero sacrifice most worthy service in this golden jubilee function

Before dawn following day early routine
The relic procession parade back to temple courtyard
Easy standing tusker allow mahouts to remove the shrine casket
Kneeling down before Buddha statue in main shrine room

Parts of her backside swelled skin wounded
But she is pretending I am not in pain
Standing with two hind legs worshiping
Tears falling eyes depicting my great service for this year too another happy end

Wondering devotees yelling with blessing words Sadoo, Sadoo, Sadoo,
We are wondering how this animal learnt such ethical issue
Exemplifying for men rights and tusker hunters in use
We honour your service excellence is a fine teaching for human practice

We pray your tears may turn to pearls on this most holistic soil.
Eternal powers of spiritual may remain for your peaceful survival...

Sisirachandra vaduge. All rights reserved.

The male Tusker Indiraja[male 54 yrers age] of Badulla Muthiyangana Temple [Uva Province Srilanka] worship and cry after carrying the Buddha Relic of the holy procession of Wesak Celibration on 14th May2014.The Indian Elephant is described as Elephas maximus of south-central Asia. They are very large, grey, four-legged herbivorous mammals. They have almost hairless skin, a distinctive long, flexible, prehensile trunk. Its upper incisors form long curved tusks of ivory. The ears of Indian elephants are significantly smaller than African elephants.Indiraja is a donation to Sri Dalada Maligava Temple Kandy from Late Indian Premier Indira Gandhi.

Ps. ' Sadoo ' The holistic uttering of Buddha blessing in Pali languge.
Dammachakka Pawatthna Suthra - Lord Buddha.
Dana - Specially prepared meals for Buddha monks.
Kithul is a tropical palm tree plant family single branch tree produces sweet tast sugery sap, toddy and jiggery following a process of tapping by its matured flower by village craftsmen.

Plot. A true story based on the authentic experience of the social research poet.

Muthiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya lies in the middle of the busy city of Baddulla in the Uva province of Srilanka. The History of this temple goes back to the time of Buddha but this area around Badulla (specially Uva Province) goes way back in to the time of 19th - 18th century BC. It is believed during this time the a mighty king called Ravana was ruling this country with Badulla as the capital. It is also believed that the War of Rama and Ravana in the Indian Epic also happened in this area. There are many places and names which identifies this area (such as Seetha Eliya, Seetha Kotuwa, Ravana Ella) as the location described in this Indian epic. It is said that the Ravana finally lost the war and winner Vibishana took the capital to Kelaniya and the Uva gradually got lost in history until the 5th century BC.

Mutiyangana Stupa

On the eighth year after attaining Nirvana (in the 5th century BC) , the Buddha and 500 Arhaths visited this Island for the third time on the invitation of Naga King Maniakkika to to Kelaniya. On the same visit, Buddha came to Badulla Muthiyangana Temple on the invitation of the Deva King Indaka (now elevated to the Deity status) , The Chief incumbant god empowered to Namunukula Mountain Range. At the same location where Buddha made sermons, the god Indaka built a stupa enshrining some falling hair [mukthaka kesha dathu and drops of sweat turned in to pearlsof Lord Buddha]This story well depict in the wall paintings in main shrine romm of Badulla Muthiyangana Temple.
This the temple, stupa and building structures has been expanded, reconstructed and renovated by many kings during next 2500 years.
Every year during on the day of Wesak poya day this temple grandly celibrates the birth, Budhhaship and attaining nibbana[parinirwana] of Lord Buddha in this temple.

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