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  • 229.

    Winter hibernation of frogs, bears and squirrels is a wonder!
    Routine hibernation of animals is common in ice cold regions!
    Frogs going below ice water, squirrels going into tree boroughs,
    Polar bears taking shelter in ice caves are natural happenings!

    Inside ice they feel warm to sleep, give birth to cubs and give milk
    In the long winter season before spring comes to activate their life.
    It’s a great wonder in Nature to see animals get nurtured so, so long!
    Also aestivation of animals in summer is a great wonder of nature!

    Classic Ant and Grasshopper story is also happening in human life!
    In Ramayana Kumbha Karna does 6 months’ work and 6 months’ sleep;
    This giant lives so as an ant due to the boon he got by his slip of tongue!
    Though strange it is a great wonder in the great Indian Epic of the past!

    King Vikram too lived both court life and forest life for 6 months each;
    He got a boon from Goddess Kali to rule his country men for 1000 years!
    His adviser too got a boon from Goddess Kali to assist him for 2000 years!
    But both lived for 2000 years as the king by a plan lived half year in forest!

    The story of King Vikram still remains as a great legend among Indian Epics!
    What a different type of lives ant, giant and king had to live in 6 months’ time!
    Although different in size, strength, wisdom similarly they had to live in a year!
    Change of life in every 6 months’ period we too cannot neglect if we probe deep! read more »

  • 230.
    2010/08/07 Great Epic

    Finished reading this version of The Mahabharata
    must return to the beginning with insight regarding
    the main character Yudhishthira - read more »

  • 231.
    Immortal Epics!

    Immortal epic great poet puts down on paper.....
    Once he sees the character of charismatic leader!
    Rama, Krishna, Ulysses, Achilles, Buddha, Sankara,
    Christ, Arthur, Robin hood, Alexander and Gandhi read more »

  • 232.

    Sitting in ivory tower
    you will watch a tragedy
    of epic nicknames. read more »

  • 233.
    Maharshi Aurobindo As A Poet

    Maharshi Aurobindo the yogi, the sadhaka as a poet,
    The writer of Life Divine and other treatises in prose,
    But well-known for Savitri,
    An epic in verse, read more »

  • 234.
    Curse Of The Gods (2)

    New medication is losing its dark power over me,
    the epic Götterdammerung is lifting - double vision
    clearing up and my old enemies – Weltschmerz –
    Existential Angst and Nihilism are moving away read more »

  • 235.
    epic joureny

    Epic Journey

    This story happened before the invention of snow-scooters,
    a couple- the Østerjøen was frozen over- wanted to flee read more »

  • 236.
    Remains Same

    It was endless epic
    Spreading like epidemic
    I found so much magic
    Lengthy touch without any basic read more »

  • 237.
    Dead Robin

    The inadvertent fact of a robin
    Carelessly snapping its back on a glass bus shelter
    Is not a major tragedy of epic proportions. read more »

  • 238.

    stranger, and in my heart her homeland... read more »

  • 239.
    Through This One Union

    She stood before him defiant
    He came to her his body aflame
    His desire evident in his pose
    Their union would ignite a world. read more »

  • 240.
    Let us be like rivers, Love

    The Table shall never meet the Fuji again
    Let us be like rivers, Love
    Great rivers, not mountains!
    On their epic journey to grace read more »

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