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Poems About: EPIC

In this page, poems on / about “epic” are listed.

  • 229.
    Salute To Sage Vyasar

    Bhgawat Gita, the Hindus’ Bible,
    Is a mere dialogue of two characters;
    Krishna and Arjuna in the Epic,
    Mahabhrath, written by Sage Vyasar. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 230.
    Frigid Shores

    So what was to be an epic love story

    Lasted for just as long as the lightening danced on the horizon- read more »

    Ashvini Swamy
  • 231.
    Cold cold day

    A cold day
    A time to move into the sun
    To shine with sun's warmth
    The temptations of a new day read more »

    Major Elazia
  • 232.
    Left Empty

    Acid people
    strung out
    but high on reality
    talking with a metal mouth read more »

  • 233.
    These Words

    A lovers charm and charismatic allure
    A kings authority and imminent bane
    A writers plight and impending demise read more »

    Avi Pranish
  • 234.
    It's Okay

    I feel like I may cry
    Cause you won't look me in the eye
    How many times must I say
    Everything is okay read more »

    Sabrina McIntyre
  • 235.

    I am troubled
    by words
    troubled read more »

    Stefanus Vivier
  • 236.
    Fair Pen

    Aromatic honeysuckle/
    & burgundy wine merge/
    in the tenacity of a trade wind's fusion/ read more »

    Shirley Houston
  • 237.
    Seasoned As Truths

    Truths and lies are flown in the sky.
    Their flights are from the wind they take.
    Truths might hit dunes and go buried.
    Lies might reach towers and stay there. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 238.
    Three Make a Crowd

    If you nod
    To my rose,
    How easy it is for me
    To plough the earth read more »

    R.K Das
  • 239.
    Son (Liam)

    Quiet tenderness
    Tranquil soul
    Stone still
    Stone thought read more »

    Guillermo Veloso
  • 240.
    Let it go

    If i let this go
    If i let you go
    what will happen?
    I will have a an epic meltdown read more »

    Edder Ramirez
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