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The Unknown Code Of Freedom (Letter1) - Poem by Matt Ancient

Freedom means differently to different people. To the good and the bad man, to the bad man freedom is the momentum to do what he likes, so do not care about who's right is abuse or who get hurt. But to the good man, freedom means nothing if his neighbor is not free. And that being free do not means one should suffer or ones right should be taken from him. The only thing we can do for ourselves is to settle our difference and learn from each other, for everything which happens is a great lesson to humanity. I can't force someone to like me neither can another force any one to like him, but one must be willing to accept another with love. It must be according to ones conscience, you came to this world alone so will you go alone and so do I, you have no right to do anything against my will. If you do not think of
enslaving me, then there will not be a slave on this earth, for there is no God who wants other people to be kings and others slaves. But your love for me and my love for you, respect me and I will respect you. For if a man pays another with evil for love then that man is truly the devil. We are cursed and blessed by our own deeds. The opportunity of thinking negatively could have been used to think positively, so there is the need to have positive attitude towards situations around us. Why should one imagine vain things, goodness over evil, it is sweat and powerful. Free your mind and free others, why wont one love freedom, free your soul from the devil. Yes negative situations happens but positivism reigns, it is the ultimate power, for we are what we think, say and do. The basic idea is to free humanity from all sort of evil, politically, spiritually, socially, economically, religiously etc, total freedom from poverty, from stress, freedom psychologically, emotionally from all sort of doctrine but the right to live ones destiny, and the freedom to decide for ones self. Not for the sake of titles, riches or for anything will take away or must take away another mans freedom and rights to live a free man. Freedom is a secrete treasure one must take the opportunities in life to attain, freedom is the ultimate power and it takes deep rooted intellectual culture in other to attain freedom, it brings satisfaction, and that is the result to peace, love and prosperity.

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