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Serenity - Poem by Ahmad Arli Hikmawan

What is wiseness?
Is it indifference?
Reflecting while listening
Listening while healing
Expressing your deepest self
While others quiet themselves?

Which do you seek the most?
Your sense of purpose?
You dreams and wishes to enclose?
To shine and sparkle like Lennon
A star that glistens,
and attracts others to listen
Or to be wealthy like Bill?
Who wouldn't mind any deal
And any desire to fulfill
Or mighty like the Boss?
Who will always gets
no matter what it takes

Look at the sky, listen what it says
And see that star is galaxies away
It is lonely, and shines sadly
Keeps imploding til collapsing
Keeps struggling til crumbling
Weaknesses are something
It may possess none
And only after it's gone,
People realize what it's done

Look around, focus on the core
Bill always have more than before
Sometimes even considered a sore
More or less, less is actually more
You have less, you'd want more
You have more, you'd want more
It will continue in opening door
That goes beyond any lore
Til you see there's no more

We all wish to be the most
Thus most of us eventually lost
Only few will become the Boss
Then again the Boss will be lost
Lost what he desired the most
Then others will take his post
Force the cycle until hell frosts
But only after all of cosmos
had transformed into chaos

Some people despise the Devil
Defend the good from the evil
While others remain peaceable
Pick the truth from the puzzles
Good or evil, good could be evil

Evil for you, could be good for me
Good for you, could be evil for me
Evil is evil, if it's evil to me
Evil is good, if it's good for me

While the truth always be the truth
No matter how it may look
Visible to those who resolute

Think, reflect, feel, and admit
Think before you proceed
Reflect before you commit
Feel as if it's yours, dammit
Admit that everything has flaws
You'll see the beauty of it all
Lies within ourselves
Our pure willingness
Our sincere gratefulness

Not for success that's achieved
Nor for dreams that's fulfilled
Nor for freedom that's relieved
But for problems we have through
For our revelation to the Truth
A gift to see right through

There will be no less, nor more
no least nor most
There will be no failure nor success
no evil nor good
There is nothing but the Truth

(Bogor,10 Aug 2009)

Comments about Serenity by Ahmad Arli Hikmawan

  • Gold Star - 21,769 Points Ramesh Rai (9/17/2014 7:41:00 AM)

    Beautiful write.
    There will be no less, nor more
    no least nor most
    There will be no failure nor success
    no evil nor good
    There is nothing but the Truth (Report) Reply

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