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Waste Of Time - Poem by Dexsta Ray

Consider every evil work a waste of time
Seem to leech, bleed, and scheme off the dreams
A major bind...
And we can't get that back
Designed distractions
Keep us on the edge of earth
So to bloat the heads up of all the children
Catch me while I'm sleep
Or depressed in dirt
Hear some shocking things
Has God contained the curse?
Has He let it burn and forgotten me?
No more wasting time
Rather filfty or lack a pot to pee
Slack within the prophecies, blurry
For something's got to me
But honestly
That's obsolete
Choose to please who properly
And shouldn't have to question
How, assumptions keep the functions labored
Hurt, disturbed, but touched and favored
Inking through death
And not a cocky shot
I'm probably not
But Jesus Himself so I believe in His steps
The evil, snare, expecting me to quit
Threaten me with this like I don't know what evil is
What evil did
All the wickedness that evil hid
Nobody has to read it
For I'm writing for the strength within
A waste of time
If the vision blur then switch the lens
Asking me to drop while you still trying to clip my wind
I don't get the spin...
Far from complaining
I look around at what I see and start to scar up my pages
My life just different
Isn't wrong
Not pretentious
Just exposed to the truth and inner glow of hidden tunes I didn't know
But God awakened me
And I can see amazing things
For every other soul in the darkness
He can make you free
Ain't got to pay a fee
Just strive to march and stay with Thee
Anyone can change
Even card composition
In the deck
What the heck?
The one affect that I reject
It doesn't matter how I look
Marred and far beyond the flesh
Like some feces
Are the values that are teeming
And the phonics crest
The wicked are the rudders set
They lack an inner conscious
Heck no, I ain't funny
People promised nothing
Death can come upon us
For this life is like He said so...
But don't let them catch you walking with your head low
No matter what it is
You ain't loss until you let go
So reject souls with loathesome intentions
Stay rooted down
And let the mess float
And own where He send you
A waste of time is anything
That can grow or replenish
In this society
To try to see the side of each that hold the venom
Thankful for the minor things
The smallest ones there
Without the details
A writer's theme is tossed in the air
They claim I know about some wickedness they chose to draw up
The last time I cross love
It's show
The in is off touch
Within the hearts of dark soul
I'm part throwed
Trying to understand
First, I give a lot of love then evil in return
I don't comprehend
Plus I had enough of this
All the strangers making plots
Trying to keep me from what's meant
Anything a waste of time
When it comes to love
And you don't know
A spouse tell everybody but the person
Proof of woe
You got to get yourself right first
And everything is second
But physically, try to help the next one
I learned not to let the pest deceive me
Keep your eyes open
'Cause the devil eyes scoping
And can find motion
If you trying to grow and up a goal
Then he's trying to hold you
Otherwise, he don't care about the grind spoken
Heart closed but mind open
Until I see
Writing letters from the time
Focus, onionskins, a wile broken
I wonder why I'm singled out
What do you mean?
I keep my distance like the rest of them
But stuff glued to me
I saw the messenger
I learned how thee fetters you
I step aside
And concentrated just on myself
But why this person sneaking?
Then it's flipped like I'm aware of this disturbing evil
Then I feel despair
Like what's the care of these insurgent people?
And I'm not a rude person
Satan try and framed me
Oh, you don't care?
Yea, I bet, 'cause you despise the greatness
And it's switched like I'm hallucinating, probably crazy
No, I don't forget
Refuse to claim what you try to make me
But the same dark tales
Only different chapters
A lot of maimed scarred shells
Moping in the battle
I'm hoping in the Master
He'll see me through
No wasting time
On the wicked after sealing the Truth
The evil cowards want to hide it
That ain't happening
Besides all darkness always come to the Light
And I've survived the storms...
Jealous hearted men and women did devise a ploy
Just to breathe a snicker when they see me
Surely, I ignore
God told me what you tried didn't work, satan
It all was lies, I will climb above the dirt, satan
All the times, all the binds, and crimes dispersed, fake ones
I ain't even hurt, haters
I rejoice in all circumstances dealt, truly
Ain't a waste of time if it could be used to step through them

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