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Staligrad - Poem by Andrew Stergiou

Motherland, read the news of Stalingrad,
Victory is reassured, in hopelessly deaths,
in the winter hinterland,
beneath the native soil trodden by iron boots,

Oh, Motherland, lock their feet tight,
In ice and snow, let them die with honor content,
In memories of glory days, thoughts of victory,
With frozen contorted, grotesque faces,

Even on frozen wastelands of foreign soil,
Before the dictators banquet feasts,
Let us die with honor, never to dishonor,
The holy Fatherland,

Never to return home to see disgrace,
In defeat, as in victory, a just peace,
Let the Russian Tundra be a desert,
Dead and barren, in frozen blood and dirt,

Let them rot in their rusting armored tanks,
Do not bring them home alive, to see us weeping,
Let them rest in peace, in that frozen desert,
Dry and parched angry soil, let them rest,
So we do not have to face the bayonets at home,

Do not dishonor thy people,
Thy nation, those who love you,
Better we die in dignity and defeat,
Rather than dishonor, Rather than tortured,
Rather than raped, in forced labors,

Without health care and medical attention,
Taxed to pay, for unending leaders decadence,
Of black bow tie banquet hall dinners,
We are tired, the rich are prisoners in their own homes,
We the poor slaves toil in endless labors,
The good children spy on mother dear,
For they fear she has lost her mind,

Are we good Christians, or good Germans?
Oh suckle, on your mammas war machine,
Bite the bullet hard, we can only die but once,
As your father dies for the fatherland,
He does not die for the Motherland,

He dies for what he was told, as a good German,
What he was told not to question, but should,
For there is treason in the palace of the king,
In propaganda broadcasts made to sing,

We hear lies we must accept, for that is our duty,
Worry not for eventually the war will end,
One way or another, war always ends,
In defeat and victory,

Not because the Fuehrer ends it,
as they spy on him also,
Not because we win or lose,
But because there is a end in death,
But because there is longer food to eat,
-- ------
For there is no longer any gasoline,
The money is valueless, without political currency
Oh Stalingrad, eternal resistance of the Motherland,
Where every man woman and child is death,

An Illegal enemy Combatant in every home,
Illegal enemy Combatants in their own land,
Do not return from the motherland,
To disgrace the Fatherland,
There is death before dishonor,
Do not worry, we will not worry you,
The pacifists will not trouble you
The communists have their meetings,
Arguing in endless factional arguments,
As the labor camps are full,

Good Germans cause no trouble,
They are under house arrest,
No demonstrations are allowed,
The churches will be opened to be spied upon,
Pastors will be bribed, with love feasts,
Electronically fixing the next elections results,
In carnal pleasures, resting on big fat juicy fingers,
Sandwiched between donations,
Of secret financing, the cooked books are clean,
As the news is also cleansed daily,
The gospel supports you, the gospel supports us,
The gospel needs nothing, but its true believers,
For faith is a gift from god,
Not some truth, uttered by the lips of men,
The reverend says Jesus saves,
But that has not made me any smarter,
In any case I need my glasses,
But by faith alone I can see,
When the holy water shall be wine,
When virgins shall be made of whores,

As faith says otherwise, there is no need for truth,
In what is true faith, within a faith of steel,
In a faith pure and resolute,
Their fleece shall be as white as desert snow,
Blood drenched by Satan, himself
In an immaculate conception, of pure thought,
Here Mary is a pure German, born again,
Of the true spirit,
Here her computer encoded, identity card, as proof,
The printed little eyes watch us we cross the room,

We at home can not help you, but you must help us,
From the twisted steel girdered hands of defeat,
Rising from the ashes,
Comes hands of faith and miracles, you are heroes,
Without jackboots, or armor, without bullets, or woes,
Without MREs, one Bourbon, one Scotch, and a beer,
One red, One White, One Blue,
We neither support, nor oppose the war, but pray,
The bad dream goes away,
We neither live, nor die, but are always free to die,

For death is freedom, as victory is defeat,
Here is your White ROSE,

A glass of Russian tea with lemon,
A cassock brewed in the fires of heaven and hell,
Pure as the winter snows,
Victory or death, Freedom or death,
Liberty or death, Justice or Death,
No Peace, no war,
No bullets, No Guns, No Butter,
No bread, No circus.

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