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Tall Earl - Poem by Ana Monnar

It was one morning, just like any other; when suddenly a loud thumping and trembling noise woke me up. I jumped out of my bed and looked outside the window. My eyes got wide open as I saw a giant getting closer and closer to my house.

I went through the house to warn my family; however nobody was there, not even the dog was in sight. I had to think quickly. Maybe I should hide under my bed. I tried but could not fit.

I ran out the door and started yelling, screaming, and running. The more I yelled the closer the giant appeared to be. After running for quite a while, I saw a helicopter with a pilot close by. I pleaded, 'Please fly me to safety! ' The whirling noise attracted the giant. The huge creature ran awkwardly and grew nearer. We managed to fly higher than the dense clouds.

After flying for a while, finally, we were on a town nearby and went to a TV news station. Nobody wanted to believe my story. That is, until I showed them the pictures I took with my cellular phone as I was running for my life.

The news broke out and my family heard it. They had been desperately searching for me. Mom, dad, two little sisters, four little brothers, and the dog arrived with tears of joy and we hugged for minutes. My dog Fluffy licked my face like there was no tomorrow.

My parents apologized to me for leaving me behind. 'Son we are so sorry, we kept shaking you up to wake you up and but you wouldn't. We needed to save the smaller children and you were too heavy to carry. Please forgive us'.

The armed forces were all called in for the rescue. The giant was finally captured. But he was too immense and heavy to be transported by air. So they sedated him with a tranquilizer dart. When he fell over and was in a deep sleep, a vehicle bigger than an 18 wheeler flatbed strapped him to keep him safe and transported him.

Earl was harmless and had a brown sugar sweet demeanor. The giant explained that he lived with his family in the forest. He said his name was Earl and that he was worried. He longed to see his own relatives. He apologized for wrecking so many homes. Earl understood the harm he had caused. It was not intentional; the destruction took place because he had never left the forest.

Earl pleaded, 'Please help me find my home in the forest. I will be eternally grateful.' The Trucker and town's people agreed. They were very forgiving and kind. They wanted to see Earl reunited with his family. So they drove around until Earl saw signs of trees and foliage. He knew he was almost here.

Last but not least, Earl announced, 'Please slow down and stop. I can walk the rest of the way.' When suddenly he saw his family at the edge of the forest and started sobbing like a huge baby. His tears made a giant puddle. Earl's family and friends were so relieved to see that Earl was home sound and safe.

Earl and his family gave the trucker barrels and crates of fruits, vegetables and a truck full of lumber. He said please use it to replenish the town that he so clumsily destroyed. The town's people felt safe again. They were good and kind people just like Tall Earl. They all built new homes and they lived happily ever after.

Ana Monnar

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