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Little Boy - Poem by Amber Marie

In a little forest, was a little house, which in it lived a little boy.
Even though he was very lonely, he was oh so full of joy.

Day by day he’d eat the same thing, which was bread with sometimes honey.
He had to eat the same thing daily for he had no money.

Little Boy was scared when he’d go for honey, for he was allergic to bees.
If he ever got stung by just two he’d weaken and fall to his knees.

But Boy was very cautious when it came to his safety.
When danger was involved he was everything but lazy.

Only one day he wasn’t careful, and he didn’t watch for bees.
So he paid the consequences and fell before the trees.

That was a sad day for Boy and his family.
Because they never got to see what a Man he grew to be.

He used to live with his family in a nice house in a big city.
But one day Little Boy wandered off and got lost accidentally.

He never found his way back home so his family cried and cried.
They didn’t know what else to do so they just assumed that he had died.

The day of Boy’s death, Family watched the news and heard of a discovery.
Some travelers were in the forest and passed a swarm of bees.

Sadly, they discovered Little Boy lying on the ground.
They asked Boy if he was okay but Boy didn’t make a sound.

When Little Boy’s family saw this they fell and started crying.
While they were laughing and having fun, Boy was lying, dying.

After he died, Family never did forgive themselves for not going after Boy.
Things that they used to love, they could no longer enjoy.

Now the story ends with Little Boy gone forever.
And sits Boy’s family regretting how their choice was so unclever.

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