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Empty Sky Is The Sky Of Respect - Poem by Raymond Sawyer

When the sky is empty for it's like a empty heart with no love but yet the stars of respect shall touch every heart with respect thus the stars is family to Starbucks where there respect for there good cup of coffee that been touch with respect.

Thus every touch of respect is the touch of the family of Star bucks that has respect every moment one think of good coffee just to feel the night breeze that whisper the name Star bucks is where good cup of coffee is for it' the family that fill once cu with respect.

The more the sun shine the more one feel the warm smile of the family that has respect for every cup of coffee been touch with respect without respect for there wouldn't be a family of Star bucks.

To see a smile is like hearing the wind whisper the name Star bucks for Star bucks is the place for good cup of Star bucks coffee thus when night slip in for the stars is there to fill once heart with respect thus one wish to taste a fresh cup of respect.

Where a star stand is where one shall see the family of Star bucks and yet the stars of respect is the stars that touch once heart just to taste the fresh cup of Star bucks coffee is the best coffee.

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