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Family's End - Poem by Sugar Bear

I was born into a world were family is everything
When one is down, the others forget the world to help them out
Sharing cares, and sharing paryers around the table for a feast
Had me believe that's what that small word means
Now lately I don't know what to think
Of the changes this family seeks
I mean, I want us all to be happy forever
But that just seems impossiable with us all together
Now I know mama, you don't feel the same for dad
Dad I understand mama makes you mad
And ya'll are here just for us kids
Not as lovers, just as friends
We're the key to this family
And when we're off the lock there's nothing left to be
Our parents will be appreciated seperatlly
Cause thats what it takes for them to be happy
And all the stories we would say
All the games that we would play
All the memories
Got me in disbelief
I remember our trip to Disney World
You brought back the parents I had as a little girl
Were the peace was only for a moment
But thats enough to keep us going
I know we fight I know we bump heads
But we're a family in the end
I just don't to keep pretending
That I don't know it's time is ending
I know I say 'I hate you' sometimes
I know I used to wish you weren't alive
Mama wasn't your wife, that you weren't in my life
But now I'm happy you're here
And now I don't want you to go
The family we held I can't let go
Even though I used, now the thought just leaves me cold
This family has been through it all
The other siblings that don't know us at all
And they hate it when we call, but we're just trying to do the right thing
Trying to create the perfect family
When you see us you see smiles of grace
But thats not what's hidden behind our face
The world of joy we can't ignore
Thats why we put up with what we want more
But it seems like thats all it means
To be stressed about us kids theirs no time to be married
You're just human beings
Now our family's so confused
I never thought past my childhood that I put all my trust into
I thought together forever's all we will be
And now nothing's as it seems
I know when you had us you were young
It wasn't love you just were sprung
And now you realized we're moving on
so now it's you chance to claim you're done
And I just our family to stay
I don't want to accept our family change
We're everything seems to fade away
Like theres some sort of experation date
And I just want us to be happy
And not any of us to forget
Once we were an almost perfect family
But not everything goes as you wanted

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