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Poems About: FAREWELL

In this page, poems on / about “farewell” are listed.

  • 349.

    The days are winding down to our final farewells
    Bittersweet; sour and sweetened
    Tears of sorrow will fall down our cheeks
    But bright futures will twinkle in our eyes read more »

    Avalin Locke
  • 350.

    i stand still knowing nothing about it,
    'something big it´s coming'
    the crowd it´s impatient, so am i.
    'something huge it´s happening' read more »

    Roberta James Mitchell
  • 351.
    The Dream of I

    So peaceful and quite, the endless sky...
    The burden I carry, how did it come by? ...
    After all I did was a dream to fly...
    A dream so naive, so young to die... read more »

    Ahmed Shammasi
  • 352.
    There are Places (From, To Oscar Act III)

    There are places so far away
    Where the ocean has its spell
    And dark doesn't leave the day
    When the night says its farewell read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 353.
    Sonnet XVI: Delusive Hope

    Delusive Hope! more transient than the ray
    That leads pale twilight to her dusky bed,
    O'er woodland glen, or breezy mountain's head,
    Ling'ring to catch the parting sigh of day. read more »

    Mary Darby Robinson
  • 354.
    New Year

    Farewell to the old year forever,
    And all its sorrows and care
    We'll bury in our hearts, and endeavor
    New troubles and trials to bear. read more »

    Julia A Moore
  • 355.
    Sonnet XIX: Farewell, Ye Coral Caves

    Farewell, ye coral caves, ye pearly sands,
    Ye waving woods that crown yon lofty steep;
    Farewell, ye Nereides of the glitt'ring deep,
    Ye mountain tribes, ye fawns, ye sylvan bands: read more »

    Mary Darby Robinson
  • 356.
    Click here to listen to Farewell People's Princess

    Farewell People's Princess The crash was heard around the world.
    Flags at half mast were unfurled.
    Only an echo escaped the tunnel so tragic,
    But it resounded world wide because of her magic. read more »

    Barbara Jones
  • 357.
    God Will Be There

    When tears fill your eyes,
    And great sadness fills your heart,
    When it is hard to say farewell,
    To your friend as they go away. read more »

    Freda Satterfield
  • 358.
    The Colonel

    Quietly you slipped your surly bonds
    at night; too long entrapped within
    a weakened vessel; all bands now severed,
    released...your soul took flight read more »

    Ruth C. Demetral
  • 359.
    Farwell and goodnight

    The time is here.
    The time has come and gone.
    For me to bid farewell and goodnight to the world.
    My life is over and done. read more »

    Amy Louise Kerswell
  • 360.
    farewell..for tears

    Why we do not love each other.
    Why we do not live in peace.
    Why we don’t live together, read more »

    Rasheed Alqahas
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