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Poems About: FAREWELL

In this page, poems on / about “farewell” are listed.

  • 361.
    Goodbye to an Angel

    Be still my little Angel,
    I’ll sing you lullaby’s,
    I’ll sing of Birds and fluffy Clouds,
    Pretend were Butterflies, read more »

    The Mowjo
  • 362.

    Goodbye my dear;
    Goodbye, farewell,
    We shall never meet again. read more »

    Warren Chan
  • 363.

    a days passed and we don`t feel it..
    and a years gone, read more »

    hazem al jaber
  • 364.
    The Angel of Death

    Feeling nostalgic of this world
    searching the lost in the blood lines
    I ended kneeling on the ground
    with my wounds carve in my soul read more »

    Cody Celesta Passpied
  • 365.

    A nameless one, who toiled alone,
    And waited for the telephone
    To ring, grew restless on a day
    When winds blew all his dreams away read more »

    Will Barber
  • 366.

    Farewell my love for you have to leave. This simultaneously tears my heart into two because you've departed from me. This is a time i need for the choice to be mine, kuz if the choice was.... id make you stay with me.

    So, Don`t go don`t go please don`t go
    at least can i tell you how much you meant to me before you go... read more »

    ices wooden
  • 367.
    So You Are See....

    You are the source of everything and love
    these words pale and you rise above them a star
    Climbed stares to reach for your embrace
    Your spirit is filled with keys, unlock us again read more »

    Gregory Crockatt
  • 368.
    Farewell To The Poets And Poetesses Of Nature

    Farewell to the poets and poetesses of Nature
    Their beautiful rhymes are a gift of the heart
    In literature they will always be remembered
    For their promotion of Nature in which they played a huge part. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 369.
    One Lucky Gal

    (poetry in progress)

    such a great number of years
    she has collected, one lucky gal read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 370.
    Farewell to the Crocodile Plaster

    Farewell to the Crocodile Plaster (Written for Pre-School Leavers, read at the School Nativity Play)

    The time has come to say goodbye
    Both parents and children leave with a sigh read more »

    Philip Eames
  • 371.
    Ode VI. Farewell

    Farewell! yet, while the rolling billows
    Waft you o'er their parent deep,
    Let the shade of recent friendship
    Sometimes sympathise and weep! read more »

    Charles Tompson
  • 372.
    Perpetually Waiting

    still like a statue
    i stand and watch
    watch you walk away from me
    your footsteps leading you to a new place read more »

    Ridah Ellahi
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