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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 241.
    Fate, Detiny

    Sometimes i hate
    that there is fate

    fate that is hard to believe read more »

    Lexer Hernandez
  • 242.

    Fate of the trend
    Fate of the society
    Fall of the populace read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 243.

    Fate brought you

    Fate took you read more »

    Thai Chung
  • 244.

    Fate is Mysterious
    Fate is Curious
    But it cant be Serious
    I must be delerious read more »

    Bryan Hammond
  • 245.
    Ode to the Mother

    Two angels sit in your womb,
    & in their rosy chamber
    They weigh your name
    Like rhyming treasures: read more »

    Masiela Lusha
  • 246.
    equal fate,

    equal fate,
    We equal this love with our fate,
    Just for our love's fate,
    And winds and wave's are destitute of words, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 247.
    Stuck Within The Bright Green Serrated Cloudy Muck and oh God What Have I Done?

    Oh Fate Oh Fate Oh Fate
    Caked with your self loathing vanity
    Bring my love to me
    Stuck within the bright green serrated blades of his own ideal deity read more »

    Audrey Stephenson
  • 248.

    Luck, fate and fortune are the three birds
    of the same feather.
    The three feathers reach the culminating point
    when fine is the weather. read more »

    Green Peace
  • 249.
    twist of fate

    They sat together in the park
    As the evening sky grew dark
    She looked at him and he felt a spark tingle to his bones
    'twas then he felt alone and wished that he'd gone straight read more »

    Rat de kwl
  • 250.
    A Heart Too Big

    Why must I have a heart that is too big?
    Why must I attract those who don't want me,
    but only what I can give them, for very little?
    Is it my fate that I must love without being loved? read more »

    Robert Johnston
  • 251.

    A story was told of a forbidden tale,
    A tale of two, upon who were cast a spell,
    A story of the mighty and feeble that no one could tell,
    A story whose pages were written in heaven, not in hell, read more »

  • 252.
    How the Moments Come

    Strange how the moments come;
    Those moments upon which one’s world turns. read more »

    Tony Jolley
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