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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 61.


    I couldn’t quite figure out till date,
    If destiny makes us or we make our fate! read more »

  • 62.

    Will you come and sit with me.
    As fate intended you to do,
    Will you make the right choose?
    And let fate bring you through. read more »

    Michaela Sorensen
  • 63.
    Fates Game

    fate plays with me,
    Day in and day out,
    I never get what I want no matter how much I plee,
    People say things will work but in my head it’s an utter doubt, read more »

    michael ferreira
  • 64.
    This Is A Game Of Fate

    All are equal at your feet
    You can hear the call of a lonely heart
    Oh god! yet, why this suffering?
    The path are lost enveloped in darkness read more »

    Kishor Pathak
  • 65.
    Truth Unwanted

    I have reached a crossroads
    The one path; pursuit of heart
    The second path; awaiting the will of fate
    The past has proven itself to be at fault read more »

    Syadin Domiscus
  • 66.
    God’s will?

    Is it God’s will that a handful of people prosper?
    Is it fate that the rest are living poor?
    Is it God’s will that some are throwing food away?
    Is it fate that many people are suffering hunger’s dismay? read more »

    Han Min Ohn
  • 67.

    I have got my weapon so now I do not fear
    to live a Life of no value but an ocean of tear.
    I don't fear though left in squall all alone to sail
    I don't tear for traveling alone life's uncertain trail. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 68.
    Escape.... The.... Fate....

    She ran ran as running was to escape
    escape escape went through her mind
    escape escape she beg she ran she screams through out her lungs
    ESCAPE! ! ! ! she screamed she ran ran read more »

    Linda Anguiano
  • 69.
    It's Fate!

    If Owning a thing
    Is my fate
    Enjoying it may or may not
    Be my fate read more »

    Geetha Jayakumar
  • 70.
    A Victim of The Unseen Corner of Life

    everyday i used to see her,
    sitting on the sand,
    playing with the dust of dreams.. read more »

    true little angel
  • 71.
    To Anne: Oh, Say Not, Sweet Anne

    Oh, say not, sweet Anne, that the Fates have decreed
    The heart which adores you should wish to dissever;
    Such Fates were to me most unkind ones indeed,
    To bear me from love and from beauty for ever. read more »

    George Gordon Byron
  • 72.
    Destiny or Fate

    There’s a question I ask myself
    Each and every night
    It doesn’t cost any wealth
    Or matter if I’m right read more »

    Ben Huff
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