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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 73.
    Destiny or Fate

    There’s a question I ask myself
    Each and every night
    It doesn’t cost any wealth
    Or matter if I’m right read more »

    Ben Huff
  • 74.
    Crown As Slave

    Set on flames all hay
    Leave no more room for mundane things
    Today like a lady shy
    Tomorrow shall bow kingdom kings read more »

    George Egba
  • 75.
    Fate of a votary is written by God

    Fate of a votary is written by God
    Can it be changed now and then?
    No, it can not be changed by men,
    Regarding fate none is ready to nod, read more »

    Mazid S Kazi , INDIA
  • 76.
    An Argument…

    I always wonder that are we consequence of our fate or our own actions…is your life designed by fate or is it something which you or your situation makes…I often have this argument, so this is the outcome of my confusion… read more »

  • 77.
    I Would Be a Dead

    I would be a dead
    Walk in the ribbon with color, red
    I would go to boundless and I would be fade form this fate
    Boundless ribbon with color, black read more »

    Aidin Azarkerdar
  • 78.
    Russian Roulette

    It's a celebration!
    The festival of guns, the carnival of cruelty
    The revolver rested on the round table read more »

    Kristian Rousseau
  • 79.
    Little Wonders

    Let it go,
    Let it roll right off your shoulder
    Don't you know
    The hardest part is over read more »

    Tiana Webb
  • 80.
    Life and mind

    Birth, Time, Place, Family and Fate;
    Are decided and written by Almighty,
    But Karma and Surrender to Almighty,
    Can reshape the fate and destiny. read more »

    Dr. Yogesh Sharma
  • 81.

    Blinded by sight and things I fear
    Always pushing away the ones I hold near
    They will never know the things I fear
    The pain and suffering of the ones I hold dear read more »

    Christopher Julian
  • 82.

    Fate is an ending
    To all of your dreams
    A reason for your pain
    All your fears, all your screams read more »

    Jennifer Peckins
  • 83.

    All of us have dreams, but most of us live nightmares
    Every soul has a past, every soul has their scares
    Now that I realize what my soul has gone through
    Our souls connected, my fate is to slaughter you read more »

    Justin Terrell
  • 84.

    What have you done to me?
    Why did you let us fall in love so easily?
    Fate! read more »

    Ray Lucero
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