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Poems About: FATHER

In this page, poems on / about “father” are listed.

  • 253.
    Forgiving Father - By Bissme S

    She called him father
    But he never treated her
    As a daughter read more »

    Bissme bissme
  • 254.
    A Father Should Love

    A father is someone you run to
    A loving person that will hold you like glue
    A father is someone that will care
    And he is always has wisdom to share read more »

    Heather Mueller
  • 255.
    Lyrael's Father

    Father I’m listening
    To all your travels and plans
    Take me away
    From all this troubled land read more »

    Lyrael Myrna
  • 256.
    Father....Who Are You?

    I feel sorry to myself that …..
    I have no memory of playing with you as my father
    I did not have a chance to feel your hug... your love as my father; read more »

    Mary Ann Najjar
  • 257.
    Oh my Father

    Oh to my father who never left my side,
    my father who kept near me when
    my doubts were wide;
    shut away from light and stuck in dark read more »

    Katellyne Rosalez
  • 258.
    run for life

    They told me: they're gonna make it good
    Hang on, there is a chance
    Seeing it gone
    They ran for life, and got screwed, in the end read more »

    Aiman Saleem
  • 259.
    There was no other way

    Take it away Father, Take it away
    Remove this dreadful cup from Me I pray.
    Is there another way, some other way?
    Please don't let me go there, Father I pray. read more »

    Royston Allen
  • 260.
    O' father

    O’ father

    O’ father of creation and existence,
    The knower of men and each sense, read more »

    Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
  • 261.
    My Grandfather passed away on the 3rd Day of August,2005

    In memory of my Grandfather - a man who toiled arduously to gift His posterity a better future. May His soul Rest in Peace.

    Like Ye, I can never aspire to be! read more »

    Ratan ...
  • 262.

    Father xmas
    Will be working all night today
    So that he can deliver all the christmas presents on time
    To the children and their families read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 263.
    Thank you Heavenly Father

    You are the one and only true God
    Thank you heavenly Father, for being the one who has and still
    working on my behalf read more »

    Sylvia Loven Carter
  • 264.
    Heart, or Father?

    Feel with the heart that is my own
    or think with the mind of my Father? read more »

    Kami Haha
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