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Poems About: FATHER

In this page, poems on / about “father” are listed.

  • 301.
    The Wreck of the Golfer -new-

    It was the Bondi golfing man
    Drove off from the golf house tee,
    And he had taken his little daughter
    To bear him company. read more »

    Banjo Paterson
  • 302.
    My unconditional love

    There is no one greater than my father in my eyes
    He calls me in the morning
    Just to tell me that he was dreaming about me
    And woke to pray for me read more »

    Mitta Xinindlu
  • 303.
    I Wanna Know Who The Father Is

    Dark rewrite of the classic love song, I Wanna Know What Love Is

    I don't need no more time
    No more time to think it over read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 304.
    Ecclesiastes Of A Youth: Part 2


    Surely I’m sinful since I was born, read more »

    Yehoshua Shim'onai
  • 305.
    Father's Day,2012

    O thank your dad for what you are today!
    In life, a pivotal role, he does play;
    ‘His contribution is priceless, ' let's say;
    Like mother, father gives bliss anyway! read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 306.
    The Outcast

    I heard their call in the far land
    But I will not respond
    Their deeds I will not look at before rising
    Their accusations and murmurs however whack me in the face read more »

    Nii Ayi Solomon
  • 307.
    (230) Prayer For Our Children-Sept.16,2007

    Father God in heaven I raise my arms to you in prayer and ask Lord
    that you keep the children of poem hunters, my children and others
    around the world under your glorious umbrella Lord. I ask that you cover
    them like a glove with the Holy spirit and keep their hearts full of love. read more »

    Melvina Germain
  • 308.
    (670) A Prayer For David Harris

    Father God, I come to you again this morning to ask for your
    help. Lord one of poem hunters precious writers David Harris
    is in a hospital bed after having several small strokes. I thank
    you Father for not allowing the big one to touch him. read more »

    Melvina Germain
  • 309.
    (984) A Sunday Prayer of Thanks

    Dear Father in Heaven, today I'm not going to ask anything of you.
    I want to praise you Lord and give thanks for all that you do.

    As of late Father I've asked you for many blessings and you have granted many of them Father. You helped my daughter find her way and open a wonderful art shop, oh Lord I thank you. You kept my children out of harms way Lord and showed my grandson the error of his ways bringing him back on track Lord, I thank you. You granted my grandson, my daughter and myself a trip to Nova Scotia this year Lord, I thank you Father. You made sure my mother isn't suffering with her leg Father. You saw to it that David Harris came home from the hospital and is recovering nicely, I thank you Father. You took care of some issues for my friends Shelley and her new husband Michael Lord, I thank you. read more »

    Melvina Germain
  • 310.
    (028) A Sunday Prayer For Our Lost Sisters And Brothers

    Dear Father God, once again I come to you on a Sunday morning.
    Father please know that I love you dearly, I respect your name,
    I love your son Jesus. Father know that I give thanks for all that you have given, your wondrous views, your precious animal kingdom, the miracle of childbirth and more. read more »

    Melvina Germain
  • 311.
    (715) Father-You Are My All

    Dear Lord in Heaven, I hear your voice in the sounds of the falling rain.
    I feel you Lord when the warm winds touch my face
    I see you when I look at the stars high in the sky.
    When no one else is near me Lord, I know you are standing by. read more »

    Melvina Germain
  • 312.

    My fathers lived on savannah
    And sheltered in a tree
    But all their wisdom, handed down
    Still applies to me. read more »

    Don Pearson
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