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Forgiving Father - Poem by Justin Reamer

Father, I want to say that
I love you,
No matter what you
Have done to my family
Or to me.
I know that you may not
Love me in return,
And that our filial relationship
May be forever damaged,
But I forgive you for all the things
That you did in the past
And even for the things you do now.

Father, even though you may be selfish
And self-absorbed and self-centred,
And greedy and pompous,
I still love you because you are my father.
My Father in Heaven wants me to love you,
And I love you as He loves you
Because He created you,
And through you and Mum,
He created me, too.

Father, Jesus also loves you,
For you are his brother,
As I am his,
And my brother is his, too,
And he loves you,
And he calls you by name, as well,
For he loves you just as your Father
And my Father—that is, Our Father,
Loves us both.

Father, I know you may not
See me as a great person,
And that I may be a failure in your eyes,
Even with my head injury,
Giving me ADD, Asperger Syndrome,
And Tourette Syndrome,
And I may be a disappointment in
Your own eyes,
I want to tell you that I am happy,
And that I love the life I live,
For my Father,
And your Father,
Has given me wisdom
And insight in which I use
To help other people.
He has given me a calling,
And I follow it because
I believe in Him,
And I love Him as I love you.

Yet, Father, I want to apologise
For the anger I held toward you,
Because the pain was great,
(And, yes, it's still there) ,
But I no longer am angry nor depressed,
Nor saddened nor hurt,
And I forgive you for all that you've done.

I forgive you for the times
That you beat on Mum,
The times that you were violent towards me,
Towards my brother,
And towards Elyse.
I forgive you.

I forgive you for
Making fun of my disability,
And I forgive you for verbally abusing me,
And I forgive you for punching me sporadically,
And for spanking me every time
I got a ‘bad-boy' note when
I came home from kindergarten.

I forgive you for throwing Sean in a chair
And for all the times you
Hit him and beat on him,
And for the times you verbally abused him,
And for the times you mocked him
When he was trying to learn how to read.

I forgive you for the wrongs you
Did toward Elyse,
Including your impatience,
Your lack of courtesy,
Your lack of generosity,
And even the thing you did
In the shower,
Which is a taboo
To this day.

I also forgive you for the things you did
To the friends you made in life,
And to my cousins,
Albeit male or female,
To my aunts and uncles,
To your own brothers and sisters,
And to anyone else you may have wronged.

Father, I forgive you for hurting Mum,
For maiming her in front of us,
For committing adultery,
For cheating on her,
For lying to her,
For stealing from her,
For the hatred you bestowed on her.
I forgive you for all the lies you told us,
And I forgive you for all the anger you held,
All the actions and wrongs you committed,
For the profanity that came from your mouth,
And for your lack of self-control.

Father, I even forgive you for the wrongs you
Do now,
Including hurting Elyse verbally,
Many a time,
And hurting Mum indirectly
Or directly,
And Stefanie,
Either way.

Father, what is the past is the past,
And I love you greatly,
For you are my father,
And I will never forget you.

You are the father who joined my mother
And made me through the Father's Will,
And I will always love you,
No matter who you are,
Or what you've done,
I will love you unconditionally,
And I will give you my life,
If needbe.

I do not know if you are happy, Father,
And I do not know if you are miserable,
But, please, if at all possible,
Even though I forgave you,
And still love you,
It is not enough for your soul,
So, if you can,
Just realise that you are loved,
And realise that God loves you,
And wants you in His family,
And that Jesus wants you,
Even after all these years of
Going astray,
And that you can recognise this
And repent so that
You can truly be in the Heart of Christ.

Father, I love you,
And always will love you,
And I forgive you for all that you have done,
And now, it is time for you to make an action,
And I hope you can make the best of it.
I love you, Dad,
And never will stop loving you.

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