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  • 49.
    my father moved through dooms of love


    my father moved through dooms of love
    through sames of am through haves of give,
    singing each morning out of each night
    my father moved through depths of height

    this motionless forgetful where
    turned at his glance to shining here;
    that if(so timid air is firm)
    under his eyes would stir and squirm

    newly as from unburied which
    floats the first who,his april touch
    drove sleeping selves to swarm their fates
    woke dreamers to their ghostly roots

    and should some why completely weep
    my father's fingers brought her sleep:
    vainly no smallest voice might cry
    for he could feel the mountains grow.

    Lifting the valleys of the sea
    my father moved through griefs of joy;
    praising a forehead called the moon
    singing desire into begin

    joy was his song and joy so pure
    a heart of star by him could steer
    and pure so now and now so yes
    the wrists of twilight would rejoice

    keen as midsummer's keen beyond
    conceiving mind of sun will stand,
    so strictly(over utmost him
    so hugely) stood my father's dream

    his flesh was flesh his blood was blood:
    no hungry man but wished him food;
    no cripple wouldn't creep one mile
    uphill to only see him smile.

    Scorning the Pomp of must and shall
    my father moved through dooms of feel;
    his anger was as right as rain
    his pity was as green as grain

    septembering arms of year extend
    yes humbly wealth to foe and friend
    than he to foolish and to wise
    offered immeasurable is

    proudly and(by octobering flame
    beckoned)as earth will downward climb,
    so naked for immortal work
    his shoulders marched against the dark

    his sorrow was as true as bread:
    no liar looked him in the head;
    if every friend became his foe
    he'd laugh and build a world with snow.

    My father moved through theys of we,
    singing each new leaf out of each tree
    (and every child was sure that spring
    danced when she heard my father sing)

    then let men kill which cannot share,
    let blood and flesh be mud and mire,
    scheming imagine,passion willed,
    freedom a drug that's bought and sold

    giving to steal and cruel kind,
    a heart to fear,to doubt a mind,
    to differ a disease of same,
    conform the pinnacle of am

    though dull were all we taste as bright,
    bitter all utterly things sweet,
    maggoty minus and dumb death
    all we inherit,all bequeath

    and nothing quite so least as truth
    --i say though hate were why men breathe--
    because my Father lived his soul
    love is the whole and more than all read more »

  • 50.
    Last time, I think

    Last time, I think,
    I'll brush the flies
    from my father's face. read more »

  • 51.
    *(Hide and seek) *

    My father gets the wooden stick
    he counts from five
    i run and hide... read more »

  • 52.
    ***One Child's Prayer

    I wish my Daddy would live here
    I wish he didn’t have to go away
    I wish if he could only for one day
    Perhaps tell me he loved me at all read more »

  • 53.
    Hymn for Atonement Day

    Lord, Your humble servants hear,
    Suppliant now before You,
    Our Father, from Your children's plea
    Turn not, we implore You! read more »

  • 54.
    My Father-in-Law and I

    MY father-in-law is a careworn man,
    And a silent man is he;
    But he summons a smile as well as he can
    Whenever he meets with me. read more »

  • 55.
    (240) Thank You Father -Prayer For A Healing

    Father, first of all know how much I love you and appreciate you
    in my life. Father you never leave me, always there to see me
    through. This week Father you were ever present in not only my
    life but that of my daughter and I thank you for what you did for read more »

  • 56.
    My Father, With His Arthritic Hands

    My father, with his arthritic hands
    Closes his door, picks up the bow
    Tucks the bit under his chin
    Tunes it real low read more »

  • 57.
    Father....Who Are You?

    I feel sorry to myself that …..
    I have no memory of playing with you as my father
    I did not have a chance to feel your hug... your love as my father; read more »

  • 58.
    Christmas, 1880

    Great-hearted child, thy very being
    The Son
    Who know'st the hearts of all us prodigals;- read more »

  • 59.
    Father & Son

    There is the family photograph
    That is your father’s face,
    There is your father’s father
    Grey-gathering years apace; read more »

  • 60.

    Stroke of a heartless son
    Desirably remained an unschooled rascal
    Plunging ischemic into a father's mind
    Sweep-swindling all the travail of asset read more »

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