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Reaching Out - Poem by Aldo Kraas

Reaching out to all the children that was abuse before
Out there is not a safe place to hide
Here at least is safe and our fathers will not come out and look for us
Here is like home to us
Everybody here understands our pain and sorrows
We all got scared thinking that our fathers would come out and look for Us all over town
Yes, we had been abused badly
We almost died from the beatings of our fathers
Our fathers never had a nice word to say to us
We had been his enemies for a long time
Our fathers had no one else to take there anger out on anybody else But except us
Our fathers were violent
Our fathers had been like beasts beating us every time they were mad
There was never peace or happiness
We had been ashamed of where we lived
We didn’t want anybody to see our houses
Our houses were like a broken home
We left one day and never came back until the day our fathers had died
One day after so many years we decided to take a trip to hell’s garden, It was what we used to call our homes.
Hell’s garden was an awful place; it was all left in shambles
We had to go away because we couldn’t stand to look at it any longer Because of the pain that was left
We lived in the streets of Toronto for many years, of course it was Dangerous, but it was better than hell’s garden
We were poor, hungry, and lonely
There was something that we could never forget about the image that Was left in our brain from the days of abuse
We knew that someday everything would be in place for us
We don’t have much, but what we have is sufficient for our daily living

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