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  • 133.
    Follow Your Heart

    Don't rely on friends for advice
    Ask your own heart
    And if you don't get an answer
    Ask it twice

    Because friends are overly protective
    And in their attempt to steer you clear
    They'll saddle your ass with fear
    And fear never stopped anyone who shed a tear

    Fear is a reason not to try
    Fear is watching as life passes by
    Fear is another reason to cry
    Fear is an alibi

    Be brave to look fate in the eye
    Be brave to dare
    Be brave to persevere and not doubt why
    Be brave to try

    If you're highly educated or smart
    Dare to throw out the knowledge and follow your heart
    Becasue smart is overrated
    And hearts are not so fated read more »

  • 134.
    Let Us Dream Together

    Lets us come closer,
    And dream together,
    Dream of a world,
    Which is full of joy, read more »

  • 135.
    I Lost My Life To Fear

    Fear in the midst of the night
    Fear in broad daylight
    Fear of what could happen
    Fear of what did happen read more »

  • 136.

    Fear and love, are principal emotions
    Lesser ones from these opposite two
    Fear’s blacker than the deepest ocean
    Love’s where soul seeks a rendezvous read more »

  • 137.

    war is the action mankind takes
    for fear of knowing God! ...
    an actual fear of living.
    we fear death, not because it's read more »

  • 138.
    Sex And Fear

    There is a matrix of fears associated with sexual activity.

    1 Fear of STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) , some lethal
    2. Fear of violence (repe, death, kidnapping, pain) read more »

  • 139.
    Fear and fear

    Fear and fear,
    Where is life in fear?
    Overcome fear, my dear,
    Remember, where there is read more »

  • 140.
    Paper Tiger

    It’s powerless to hurt
    But still you are afraid
    Like many fears it’s overplayed
    Like a shapeless fear read more »

  • 141.

    I see the world is beautiful
    I see the world is full of love
    But not the creatures that live in it
    I see the world doesn’t get old read more »

  • 142.
    Do Not Fear

    Do not fear old age or death,
    Instead fear doctors with cold hands and bad breath.
    Do not fear liver spots, wrinkles, and white hair,
    Instead fear an impatient and resourceful heir. read more »

  • 143.
    ~Between Love and Fear~

    We often think that
    most of the difficult choices are between
    whats right and whats wrong
    when the reality is more between read more »

  • 144.
    The Brave Fear

    A fear that dispels all other fears
    A fear that conquers all other fears
    A fear that elevates
    A fear that sustains read more »

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