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Poems About: FEAR

In this page, poems on / about “fear” are listed.

  • 181.

    It captures your mind and weakens your strength
    It’s hard to fight the feelings and illusions
    It swallows your mind until you have nothing left read more »

    deanna buendia
  • 182.
    Do Not Fear

    Do not fear
    My friends
    For I am here
    Do not fear read more »

    Natasha Norville
  • 183.
    Fear is from belief

    Beliefs put aside, fears will die.
    I fear the dog; it will bite me.
    I fear my child; it may stray.
    I fear the God; he watches me. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 184.
    What to fear

    I need not fear a hundred battles to come
    Because many thousands more I've fought
    I do not fear the sword that awaits me there
    Stuck with more, walking with them like a bear read more »

    Funmbi Aransiola
  • 185.
    The Pain, The Anguish, The Fear

    Inside of me
    raining down
    its everywhere
    hurting me read more »

    Austin Jones
  • 186.
    Follow Your Heart

    Don't rely on friends for advice
    Ask your own heart
    And if you don't get an answer
    Ask it twice read more »

  • 187.

    A ball of memories
    That hold my soul legacy
    Take a look inside
    The hand that holds the key read more »

    nicola burkett
  • 188.
    Fear Not

    I fear not,
    I fear may
    Do I love him
    Even tody? read more »

    simone edwards
  • 189.
    Do Not Fear

    Do not fear
    My friends
    For I am hear
    Do not fear read more »

    QalmeTari Misterres of Death Nat. Norville
  • 190.
    My Love

    Oh I have fears of loving
    Too much
    And getting hurt
    I have fears of committing read more »

    Rich Young
  • 191.
    I fear you,

    I fear you,
    I fear these masses,
    When I never see inside their faces,
    I fear what wrong I did, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 192.
    Guesses and fears.

    Guess or guess not, fear or fear not
    always for something not happened yet.
    The better the guess, the more we fear
    or fear not. A guess not gives no fear read more »

    XXX Vlorror
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