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Poems About: FEAR

In this page, poems on / about “fear” are listed.

  • 241.
    It is ocean

    It is ocean, dear
    And I fear.
    I have forgotten dear
    And I fear. read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 242.
    Thoughts of love and fear

    The thoughts behind thoughts
    Binary rays of love and fear
    Projected into the prism of experience
    Rainbows of emotion swaying in waves of colour read more »

    Shahid Solomon
  • 243.
    'True Fear'

    Why do you ask if Im afraid
    The fear of death is only an instinct
    The instinct of the mere man
    But if someone was to over come this fear read more »

    David Wagner
  • 244.
    Fear Love

    I fear love
    like the wild fox
    always so ready to bite
    to devour its heart’s delicacy read more »

    American Male
  • 245.
    Overcame the Enemy

    I look at my past and see
    Fear was my one true enemy
    Living life behind a veil
    Finding all the decisions where made for me read more »

    Stephen Mueller
  • 246.

    They say hate is another fear
    A fear to not love
    A fear to not belong
    A fear to not be here read more »

    Victor Osorio
  • 247.
    I Adore You -new-

    I rove about times of love
    I float in the sea of passion
    I fear neither loss nor drowning
    Cause you're my inspirer and savior read more »

    George Jerjos
  • 248.
    My Greatest Fear

    My greatest fear is not absence of triumph
    neither success nor victory are as essential

    My greatest fear lies in losing you read more »

    khalifa mustapha
  • 249.

    Never fear your emotions they mean you no harm
    It is the protective barrier we place around it that causes the fear

    Fear one will break through and see the beauty of the inside read more »

    Patricia Gale
  • 250.
    I Fear

    I fear
    That you'll leave me,
    And never come back. read more »

    Dead Ducky
  • 251.
    I fear...

    I fear to hear that voice that takes me to the clouds
    farther, from where i might not return
    i fear to stare into those eyes
    lest i fall into them, to be held spellbound for all eternity read more »

    Namie Elisha
  • 252.
    Always fear the dream

    Never fear the reaper
    As he can't get you anymore, but you will
    Always fear the dream. read more »

    Joshua Hadfield
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