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Poems About: FEAR

In this page, poems on / about “fear” are listed.

  • 37.

    Fear of confusion,
    Fear is alway there,
    Fear stalks there,
    Fear stalks us, read more »

    Maria Luisa Taylor
  • 38.

    I fear so many things,
    Even though I should fear only fear itself.
    I fear the stab of betrayal,
    Lost in the fear of loving again. read more »

    Shay Mitchell
  • 39.
    Fear is Everywhere You look

    Everyone has a fear
    They don’t even know where it comes from
    Fear is everywhere you don’t have to look
    There are fears that scare little kids read more »

    Thomas Henderson
  • 40.
    lessons of life

    i feared being alone
    until i learned to like myself
    i feared failure
    until i realized that i only fail when i don't try read more »

    wafae bazzi
  • 41.

    Fear is like fallen leaves,
    It scatters in distant dreams, read more »

    Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
  • 42.
    Scared yet Feared

    Fear of being lonely.
    Fear of letting someone past.
    Fear of getting too close. read more »

    Morgan Tayce
  • 43.
    The Fear

    And now my love the terror
    Is surrounding everything
    Even the red wheelbarrow
    The trembling of the sky read more »

    Frank Bana
  • 44.
    Fear's taking over

    I fear life,
    I fear death,
    I fear happiness, read more »

    Kill or Be killed
  • 45.
    Never Fear Fear

    Fear can bring down
    a man to tears
    Fear can drown
    Never fear Fear read more »

    Philo Yan
  • 46.

    It drives people
    It spurs people
    It hurts people read more »

    Kiana Cunningham
  • 47.
    I Fear

    I fear for the innocent
    I fear for the law
    I fear for the young
    I fear for the old read more »

    Dave Alan Walker
  • 48.
    FEAR the devil

    Fear Fears from none
    Why one fears from fear
    Brave is one who fears from none
    Like Brave face the fear read more »

    Vinayak Suthar
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