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Poems About: FIRE

In this page, poems on / about “fire” are listed.

  • 121.

    to see her face, stings like hot iron
    my chest melts as my heart ignites
    like fire, my passion burns
    to be with her, yet again read more »

    Leopold Gunther
  • 122.
    Fire Inside (From, The Barka Lyrics - II)

    Fire inside
    Through the years must glide
    Days coming through
    Each one is new read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 123.
    Inspired by Issa - morning charcoal fire

    morning charcoal fire
    excitements of the new day
    in the fiery sparks read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 124.
    F i r e

    The Earth by fire was born, and it is said
    that sadly, too, will have a fiery end

    Fire in nature keeps the Jack Pines alive read more »

    Pacific Hernandez
  • 125.
    Fire is different

    Fire is fire and
    Fire is different
    From its fuel
    And likewise, my dear read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 126.

    Flicker and burn, writhe and turn.
    I see flames lick and lash at the red hot ground.
    Red-hot heat sears all in it's path,
    Embers and ashes lay all around. read more »

    Cat Ducat
  • 127.
    The Demon Lord (Part V)

    The air is thick
    Smoke rises from the flames
    Phelan’s blades scrap against the floor
    In front of Him stands the Demon Lord read more »

    Phillip Dodham Cormier
  • 128.
    Fire By Night, Smoke By Day

    It's fire by night and smoke by day
    As we lay in our beds just thinking away
    We wake in the morning to do what they say
    It's fire by night and it's smoke by day read more »

    Navillus Tam
  • 129.

    When fire sits on top of the head
    Smoke can hardly enter the nostrils
    Feet walking on coals
    And fire bugs bite read more »

    Deci Hernandez
  • 130.
    until then my fire burns

    The fire within our hearts
    Burns bright for all to see
    Never brighter than others
    Yet never darker as well read more »

    Logan Fulk
  • 131.

    When the hills blazed and ashes fell, mocking the snow,
    When the city gasped at the ruby beast lashing and licking
    at its homes and towers, I saw you - sweat streaked and
    soot smeared - and I heard you hurl a curse at the flames, read more »

    Mary Naylor
  • 132.
    Love Lantern

    Fire of Love
    Burning in the sun
    And I already done
    Burned in this emotion read more »

    Unwritten Soul
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