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Poems About: FIRE

In this page, poems on / about “fire” are listed.

  • 313.
    Fire of Freedom

    Charcoal fire upon the shore recalls
    that fire behind closed door, of love
    betrayed; the fire of bitter courtyard,
    preyed into heart that wished so much read more »

    Midifo Yearns
  • 314.
    Fire, to be extinguished

    He had a taste for her; his desire caught fire.
    He was mad for her echo; his fire grew violent.
    He elicited her nod; his fire went ablaze.
    He found her moving out; his fire remained intense. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 315.
    Italian Myrtles

    By many a soft Ligurian bay
    The myrtles glisten green and bright,
    Gleam with their flowers of snow by day, read more »

    Denis Florence MacCarthy
  • 316.
    Wind makes me just as Fire

    The wind makes me feel-
    finally free
    The stronger it hits my skin-
    the more vividly I see read more »

    Monique Hillebrecht
  • 317.
    Stare into The Eyes

    As i stare deep into your eye.
    My soul is filled with joy.
    My heart starts pounding like a beatting drum.
    And my soul feels like dancing. read more »

    Tyler Anhorn
  • 318.
    When the mountain with all its peaks are aflame

    flames spread further with destruction
    from where the mountain is covered by fire
    until it rushes to the end of the bushes
    and everything that it reaches is burning read more »

    Gert Strydom
  • 319.
    Ferny Creek Six Years On

    In centuries from now people will still speak
    Of the terrible fires that burnt through Ferny Creek
    The massive inferno where three people died
    And so many beautiful homes were destroyed. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 320.
    Killer For Hire

    On a night time ride
    Find that nothing's left.
    Not a thing in sight.
    I’m going to my death. read more »

    Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.
  • 321.

    God’s truth will out and must be preached
    Till earth’s four corners have been reached
    “My Ghost and Flame shall be outpoured –Joel.2: 28
    Receive my child”, thus says The Lord read more »

    Michael P. Johnson
  • 322.
    Wild fire in your eyes

    The wild flame of your lovely green eyes
    has still not been extinguished, my love,
    has still not been extinguished!
    In nights without stars, they glisten as two Venuses read more »

  • 323.

    What happens when there is a fire?
    panic, hysteria
    we want to put it out so desperately
    to bring peace and calmness once again read more »

    Kasia Fedyk
  • 324.
    Dragons flower

    Tell me a story with no happy endings
    Where the slaves rules over the kings
    In a land full of darkness and hate
    Long forgotten and lost faith read more »

    A Dark Lifetime ...
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