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Tomintoul. - Poem by PAUL COLVIN

The highest town in Scotland is basking in the shade,
Our cabin’s by a woodland, set in a forest glade.
The wild Highland landscape, blue sky and breeze so cool
The rugged tors view lands so raped, up here in Tomintoul.

With no street lights the darkness falls, it seems night started early.
A thousand bats search out their prey, above they circle round
They dart past and skim our heads, with such an eerie sound
But weirder still to city souls, up here in Tomintoul.

Awakened by sweet nature’s light, a trait we will get used to,
The morning mist it drifts along, a sea of greyish blue.
We talk about our trip up here, whilst eating ‘til we’re full
Then drive down by the riverside, up here in Tomintoul.

The grassy banks by waters edge, in places standing high
The river here is not in spate but it’s certainly not dry.
Our quarry here is silver bars and we look out for pools
For they hold fish, quite big we’re told, up here in Tomintoul.

But an Asian man has bought the rights, to fish this part of heaven
And working class can afford no more, to fish for Scottish salmon.
Only those who pass his test of wealth, can feel the tug, the pull
Of mighty fish, all local fish, up here in Tomintoul.

These wealthy men and women too, they come in 4 wheel drives
To have some lunch and drink their wine, just after they arrive
All dressed up, can’t set their line and chatting break the golden rule
Hired ghillies have to net their catch, up here in Tomintoul.

We drive away to find a pool, a beat we can afford as friends
Amidst the towering Douglas firs and majestic Monarchs of the glen.
These timid beasts with massive eyes roam o’er every tor and hill
Their mighty antlers tell which one is boss, up here in Tomintoul.

We catch some fish, sea trout and brown, but the salmon they’re elusive
He’s too quick and far too sharp, our menu’s not exclusive.
This spectacular corner of our land, the beauty of the Highlands
Is with me now, forever will, up here in Tomintoul.

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