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Lyric Of Love - Poem by Osiris Rex

O Sage and Poet if love were what the rose is and I were like the heart. To love the rose, a love for beauty no woman can take. If any man would be a genuine lover may they gently touch women and flowers. Everyone that will ever love of a woman we love with a noble love. Women have written us great novels of love. I’ve never loved anyone else the way I love them. But can women write as well as scholars can? Love was the word they never said aloud. A novel about love cannot be written while you are making love. It must be real love then if a man gives up his life for a woman. I suppose that there are few men like that left, like actors in a Greek Tragedy. It is noble to die of love. Sweet is death that takes the end by love. After so many deaths, I live and write of love the light guitar. These yellow vowels of bright desire.

Of all the ways I could say, 'You are dreaming, ' I choose the voice that speaks of love. Is it even possible that we can establish friendship truer than blood itself? What is love? A madness most discreet. Is life not love? What wine? What drug? Love is. Here is love more attractive. Such is love the same beauty that I love. Does love levitate? Is it in heaven? Is heaven any different from where we are? As if an angel dropped down from the clouds.

I want love in every color, even black! A love that is like sleep, like being born again, vulnerable as an infant coming into the world for the first time. With your love never fly Pegasus to death! There is no world without love only purgatory, torture, and Hell itself. Because I had fancied love a casual improvisation. How rare to be born a human being! The perfect flower of human love.

Love is more serious than philosophy who sees no humor in its observation. The truth in knowing that we know we lie. Oh, love, let us be true! Of all truths, the face is purest! The face of a poet really is but a flower. Loves only and true value. Oh, let us love until we are one with each other. Know until I loved I never lived enough. How much better is your love than wine! And the smell of your ointments than all known spices! We all want a kiss, not necessarily with the lips. Every touch is a kind of kiss. To the woman I love, the many words for love come easy to me. I translate into new tongue the language of love letters, of suicide notes. Where the mystery of the lyric hasn’t been lost. Because that is what beauty is.

Here is the noblest prize that a young man can win. The name of it is love. My love shall in my lyric forever live long. Not philosophy, nor psychology, nor brain alone is worthy of the muse. No thorn goes as deep as a rose, and love is more cruel than lust. O Poet, if you had a rose who would you give it too? Do you love me as I love you? You who love not a poem whatever its skill may be. Do not grant forgiveness to those who have never loved. If one should love you with real love. To be loved without lover is to be nothing at all.

If you follow a faun to its home you will find love. Some say my love has gone to France. The eye reads words where it goes, and speaks all languages of the rose. Love, like a flower, will fade, will blossom into something else entirely or it would not be a flower. Oh, learn to read what silent love has written. Let my lyric be my eloquence. We can hear the voice of the nightingale sing the chorus of the dryads. How free it is! You have no idea how free. Love itself shall live on. For love like ours is proof enough!

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