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Poems About: FLOWER

In this page, poems on / about “flower” are listed.

  • 265.
    ' flower '

    I smeal a flower and it looks good
    than any flower in the world.

    oh God thank you for this flower. read more »

    olweny joshua
  • 266.
    Flowers on your grave

    A beautiful bunch of flowers
    For a gorgeous baby girl
    You broke so many hearts
    When you left this world read more »

    Jade Bradley
  • 267.
    Floral Intellect

    Collect the thoughts of a Crocus
    The Hyacinths talk for hours
    Apple Blossoms keep their focus
    Philosophize with the flowers read more »

    Amera Andersen
  • 268.

    Flowers can dance.
    Flowers can sing.
    And flowers can wave hi.
    Flowers can remind us about alot of things, read more »

    Mellissa James
  • 269.

    As the flower stands alone in the field
    Surrounded by snow, the dark
    and the cold it feels read more »

    Truths Wings
  • 270.
    Flower In Our Heart

    In our youth, the flower in our heart begins to grow.
    Love comes along and that flower blossoms.
    As the years, spin merrily by.
    Unlike the autumn read more »

    David Harris
  • 271.
    'The Rabbit And The Pretty Wild Flower'

    The rabbit spoke to the pretty wild flower….,
    But the flower didn’t answer….,
    The rabbit sniffed the pretty wild flower….,
    Still no reaction…, no answer…., read more »

    Trade Martin
  • 272.
    Lotus-the sovereign of flowers

    Lotus the sovereign of flowers
    A conspicuous blossom radiating bliss
    Is brought up in the sluggish marsh
    Adapts to the circumstances and stands as a winner read more »

    Kavitha Krishnamurthy
  • 273.
    The Death of a Flower

    Love is a soft, sweet flower
    Blooming 'neath sunlight's rays
    Life gives love its power
    Sustains you all your days read more »

    Elizabeth Sheaffer
  • 274.
    My share

    I picked today a flower
    one will never see
    I took in its aroma
    and held it close to me. read more »

    Mahfooz Ali
  • 275.

    I am the flower and the music
    I wonder how many miles i will have to walk
    I hear the birds chirp back and forth
    I see the music float by in my ear read more »

    Brandy Brenna
  • 276.
    Bring Me Love

    Bring me not orchids, frail, delicate orchids
    Rooted in swamp and begotten in slime
    Bring me the flowers of everyday living
    The whisper of sunrise and sweet summertime... read more »

    Mae Ethan
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