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  • 241.
    Goddess of the Goats

    Full moon high in the sky
    fog coming in
    breaking like waves
    against the hills and fences
    Rudder was crying
    baaing her silly head off
    she couldn't find her baby
    at 3am

    and I
    Goddess of the goats
    get up from my warm bed
    not that it mattered
    since I was awake anyway
    in my flannell pj's and rubber boots
    find the baby
    sleeping under what's left
    of the catapah tree

    a tiny little creature
    smaller than the big ginger cat
    who guards the farm
    against invasions of rodents
    when he feels the urge
    I take the baby to Rudder
    who sniffs it and decides
    yes, this is my baby
    you may go away now human

    Fog rolls in
    while in the shrine
    erected in the hallow
    of the one tree
    left standing
    candles burn down
    smoke and fog uniting

    Smoke and fog
    moonlight on the fields
    white goats shining in moonglow
    dancing hooves in the night
    whip-poor-will song
    with cricket harmony

    And I
    Goddess of the Goats
    with the knowlege
    that all my goat girls
    and their babies
    are safe
    can go back to bed read more »

  • 242.
    Within The Midnight Hour

    In the midnight hours, my heart
    breaks, the fog moves in, wraps
    it arms around the morning's
    longing wake. The gentle dew read more »

  • 243.
    New Town

    In the fog
    a black dog
    on the white,
    frosty grass read more »

  • 244.
    I Stand In The Fog, Afraid To Move

    I stand in the Fog, afraid to move.
    I might Fall. It calls. It wants me. I fear It.
    The Crag, Hole, Mouth, End, Edge, Crack, Ledge, Bottom, Pull.
    All names for It. read more »

  • 245.
    Trapped in a fog

    Trapped in a fog, covering an area so vast
    Nobody can tell which way to go is best
    Trapped in a fog that is too thick to see
    I could hardly tell what is surrounding me read more »

  • 246.
    Fog on the Golden Gate

    Fog so thick you can't
    See the bridge - Just hear fog horns
    Signaling danger read more »

  • 247.
    Couplets In The Fog

    Fog's a species of weather-
    gray, like a pigeon's feather.
    Auden once wrote, 'Thank you, fog.'
    Sandburg thought of cat, not dog. read more »

  • 248.
    A Portland Canal Fogbank

    From the islands gathered like lambs in the shelter of the wind
    the water ripples with a million concave mirrors for time
    seeming like the breath of the dawn
    laps on the aluminum hull brought down round Cape Fox read more »

  • 249.
    The Fog

    And it all slowly peels away
    All the childhood laughter, scolding parent voices,
    The ebullient fresh world we saw through young eyes read more »

  • 250.

    When I wake up in the foggy morning,
    I see the mountain peak but not the valley,
    I smell the roses but can not adore their beauty,
    I hear the birds sing but can not appreciate their melody, read more »

  • 251.
    The Fog

    The fog rolls in billowing breasts open buttons undone
    searching for those little crevices to hide
    bringing the chill sensation of a long sad winter
    copying the slow warmth of duvets read more »

  • 252.
    The Deadly Speckled Birches (Smoking/Cigarettes)

    Vika and I walked in a thick forest of birches white and spotted.
    And many boulders of white lime with black lichens dotted.
    A thick fog rolled slowly toward like a pudding, creamy and clotted. read more »

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