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Poems About: FOG

In this page, poems on / about “fog” are listed.

  • 349.

    Home lies that way, somewhere, through the fog,
    Down a road I did not ask to be set upon
    And most of whose forks were chosen for me
    By others no less road-bound than I, read more »

    R. G. Bell
  • 350.
    'FOG-Mist' in Haiku

    Life's pain and pleasures
    Sure disappear like mist
    Why then tears and cheers! read more »

    Subbaraman N V
  • 351.
    Life Outside The Haze

    I am alone, looking around,
    sick of the happiness of others,
    do not see the pink haze, colored the world.
    As a fog beforer the eyes, fogged glasses. read more »

    Joran Tibor De Jong
  • 352.
    Beyond Autumn

    I stand alone on a dew soaked knoll
    That’s adorned in emerald green
    Yonder trees aglow in golden leaves
    Add a vesture to this autumn scene read more »

    Psaltydog's Thoughts
  • 353.
    The Fog

    Slowly the fog.
    Hunch-shouldered with a grey face.
    Warns wide, advances.
    Finger-tips touching the way past the dark houses. read more »

    Franklina OwusuAnsah
  • 354.
    Dying Hurts

    Aged Darling
    Sits at the edge
    Of the glass doors,
    Exhales a sigh read more »

    A.j. Binash
  • 355.
    Lost Rain

    The rain has been lost
    in these long, dry days.
    It has been taken by
    the dark shades of grays. read more »

    Midnight Seasons
  • 356.
    Baltic Fog Notes

    Seven days all fog, all mist, and the turbines pounding through high seas.
    I was a plaything, a rat’s neck in the teeth of a scuffling mastiff. read more »

    Carl Sandburg
  • 357.
    The Deadly Speckled Birches (Smoking/Cigarettes)

    Vika and I walked in a thick forest of birches white and spotted.
    And many boulders of white lime with black lichens dotted.
    A thick fog rolled slowly toward like a pudding, creamy and clotted. read more »

    Daniel Partlow
  • 358.
    The Misty Fog Was in Her Hair

    The misty fog was in her hair.
    He could not find her anywhere.
    Could not see through fog and mist.
    He remembered her hair and when they kissed. read more »

    Edwina Reizer
  • 359.
    The Fog

    I am stumbling and falling,
    Every step I take is wrong.
    I just have to follow your calling,
    But I can’t see beyond the Fog. read more »

    aishwarya sahi
  • 360.
    Cloud In The Fog

    The cold wind cuts through my face like glass,
    Along two lines on my cheeks it was exceptionally sharp.

    The moon shone down on me covering me with a silver hue, read more »

    Isabella Francis
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